Sharp EL-535SAB Scientific Calculator (Blue)

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The Sharp EL-W535SAB-WH / EL-W535SAB-RD / EL-W535SAB-BL calculators are advanced scientific multi-purpose high school calculator designed for the South African CAPS syllabus, suitable for learners from grade 6 to grade 12

Toggle between different modes: Table Mode, Drill Mode; Statistics Mode & Normal Mode
WriteView type in your equations as they appear in the textbook.
Black Calculator with white features
Easy slide-on hard cover to protect calculator from damage.

New features include: Prime factorization, Lowest common multiple and Highest Common Factor, Integer division with quotient and remainder given and a home key for quick access to normal mode from wherever you are.
422 Functions

Drill mode

2-Function table
Prime factorization
Time conversion function
Pythagoras shortcut
9 Memory keys
Designed for SA Caps Curriculum
Recommended high school model
New functions include Lowest common multiple and  
Highest common factor
Recurring decimal and decimal point settings.