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Corner couches offer a practical, stylish alternative to conventional lounge suites. They work in spaces of all sizes, creating a cosy seating area. In smaller living rooms, they add space as they don’t take up much room. In larger rooms, they help to section off seating areas. If you’re planning to get a corner couch, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

Choosing the Right Corner Couch

Here are some tips for choosing corner couches

1/ Do your measurements carefully

Something that many people don’t think about is the size of the unit. Most corner units are delivered in two parts. One part is longer than the other, with the shorter part attached to the main longer part. These couches may often look smaller in photos. Dimensions you will need to consider include the back of the couch, the depth of the couch, the height of the couch, the width of the arms, and of course, the length of the couch. Before you choose your couch, measure your living room carefully to be sure that the couch will fit into the room. You may also want to measure your doorway so that the couch fits in the door when it’s delivered. Doing these measurements before getting your couch will make things much easier.

2/ Know which way the couch will face

A corner unit has the same length, whichever way it faces. The reason that these units do not mention whether they are left or right facing is that they can face any direction. Units that have daybeds, on the other hand, will either be left or right facing. The longer part will be the daybed part. This is an important thing to know before you buy your couch. To determine which way you want your couch to face, think about things like room size, the position of window or doors, the position of your TV cabinet and the overall layout of the room. Once you have an idea of where to put the couch, it will be easier to know whether to go with a left-facing couch or a right-facing couch. You could also go with a unit that has an ottoman that can be moved to either side of the couch. 

3/ Consider the fabric, style and colour

Now for the fun part - choosing the fabric, style and colour. Generally speaking, a simple design in a neutral colour and fabric that is easy to clean and care for will always be a good choice. Remember, you will have your choice for many years. Bold colours are ideal if you want a statement couch. Added luxury, go for a recliner style or fabric such as velvet. 

Follow these tips and you’ll find the ideal corner unit for your living room. MHC World offers a range of corner couches to suit every home, with delivery across the country.

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