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If you don’t already have a mini blender in your life, now is the time to get one. These gadgets give you all the benefits of a fully functional blender, with a much smaller size. They hold enough for individual portions. Most models have lids that can be used to take your smoothie with you on the go or keep blended liquids fresh in the fridge. They are easy to clean, due to their size. They are also very versatile, as you will see with these ideas on what to make in your mini blender.

Using Your Mini Blender

Some of the main things you can use your mini blender for include the following:

1/ Smoothies

Smoothies are the go-to thing for this type of blender. There are a few reasons that these blenders are mainly used for smoothies. The fact that you can take the bottle out of the blender, add a lid and pop it into your bag for gym or work is a huge plus. Another plus is that you can make fresh smoothies and get a complete portion without having a lot of leftovers. You can add ice, frozen berries and various other ingredients to make your favourite smoothies quickly and easily.

2/ Sauces

You can also make sauces in this type of blender. Pesto can be made in no time, along with salsa, peanut sauce, pasta sauce, Hollandaise sauce and various other sauces. As the blender is small, it makes enough to use for smaller meal portions. You can also make concentrated sauces to mix in with yoghurt, sour cream, stock or other liquids. 

3/ Soup

You can even make soup in your personal blender. Simply cook your favourite soup, let it cool a bit, then blend in smaller portions. If you’re craving soup but not in the mood to cook a huge batch, this blender will make things much easier. You can make a quick soup using soup powder, water, herbs and other ingredients that don’t require cooking. 

These are just a few of the things you can make in your blender. Looking for the right model? MHC World offers a selection of mini blenders from leading brands, including Kenwood, Bennett Read, Bosch and Defy

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