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Black Friday Men & Ladies Fashion Deals 2023


Now that it's November, we can expect another round of fantastic Black Friday deals. All month long in November, MHC World is offering incredible savings on a wide selection of popular fashion brands for men and women.

If you want to buy the perfect gift for your significant other, jazz up your wardrobe, or treat yourself to some amazing eyewear, MHC World has you covered with these incredible Black Friday men's & ladies' fashion deals 2023.


Selected men’s clothing and footwear

MHC World is offering an unbelievable Black Friday men's & ladies' fashion sale. For starters, all men’s clothing and footwear is available at half the price for the month of November, a truly great deal on some of the best men’s fashion brands in the industry.

  • Black Friday Less 50% off
  • Festive Sale Less 30% off


Selected Neckties

The necktie is a quintessential style staple, elevating any outfit and refining the gentleman’s outfit. Whether worn casually with a loose open blazer, or part of a beautifully tailored suit, a necktie is the must-have accessory that every gentleman keeps in his closet.

As part of the MHC World Black Friday men's & ladies' fashion deal, you can get incredible discounts on selected neckties for the month of November.

  • Selected Neck Ties 3 For R99 And Save R499


Branded sunglasses

Branded sunglasses say a lot about you – how you dress, your style preferences, and your personality. You can make the perfect statement with a carefully crafted pair of branded sunglasses, which are available for an incredible Black Friday Deal when you shop at MHC World for the month of November.

  • Buy One and Get One Free on Branded Sunglasses


Ladies Clothing and Footwear Less 40%

Ladies clothing and footwear is here this summer and it’s time to change up your wardrobe for a fresh new season. Think new dresses, cute shorts, fun tops, stylish wedges, flattering pumps and sultry sandals – all available at amazing Black Friday Deals for the month of November when you shop at MHC World.

  • Black Friday Ladies Clothing and Footwear Less 40%
  • Festive Sale Ladies Clothing and Footwear Less 25%


Branded Ladies Handbags

Ladies, we all know that our handbag is our most important statement piece. The handbag you choose says a lot about you: whether you’re a corporate queen, a fashionista, a mom of four or a daring athlete, your handbag is the way you keep your most precious items close and tell the world about your personality.

You can shop a fantastic selection of your favourite branded handbags at MHC World and get your favourite styles at incredible prices this Black Friday 2023. Now’s the time to spoil yourself with the handbag of your dreams – and with discounts like these, you might as well take two and spoil yourself twice!

  • Branded Ladies Handbag Less 25%



Poolside, beachside, or tanning in your backyard, do summer right with awesome swimwear that makes you look and feel your best. MHC World has a great selection of swimwear for all body types and every occasion, and now you can get yours at lower prices than ever with these Black Friday deals.

  • Swimwear Less 30% off


Men’s Lee Cooper boxer shorts

Featuring a wide elasticized waistband, flatlock seams, and a cotton structure for a highly comfortable fit, the Lee Cooper Boxers Pack is ideal for everyday wear and is branded with the company's name.

Take pleasure in the best of both worlds with these "Boxer Briefs." These men's boxer briefs are expertly made, and they manage to be both practical and stylish.

The waistband displays the classic Lee Cooper emblem for a bit of instant brand awareness for your basic apparel. These boxer briefs are made from high-quality materials and fit snugly, so you may wear them all day without restriction.

  • Was: R199
  • Now: R50


Caterpillar Shoes

Caterpillar shoes are known for their durability and comfort, making them a great option for the workplace. The innovative spirit and design ethos of Caterpillar are reflected in these safety boots as they are in all Cat Workwear.

Some of the best work-based footwear available in the market today is made with the help of cutting-edge materials, technologies, and features whenever possible. Caterpillar Boots offers a wide selection of high-quality footwear, including boots appropriate for a wide range of industries and occupations.

  • 30% off all Caterpillar shoes


Mazerata Shoes

Mazerata is a high-end label that embodies the modern gentleman in every way. It's the epitome of class and refinement. It's about pride and aspiration, poise and dignity.


Mazerata's handpicked designers search the globe for the most cutting-edge men's formal footwear styles from around the world and present them to you. They oversee the whole manufacturing process of our hand-made shoes with the care of a master craftsman, making sure only the highest quality materials are utilised.

Whether you need to dress to impress at a business dinner or a formal celebration, Mazerata has the shoes for you.

  • Less 25%


Skechers sneakers

Skechers has made a name for itself in the footwear industry with its wide variety of trendy and functional walking shoes for both men and women. Most people look for the highest level of comfort and the most reliable arch support when shopping for a pair of walking shoes. Skechers acknowledges the importance of this factor, which is why the company designs each pair of walking shoes with meticulous care.

High-rebound cushioning, arch support, and slip-resistant outsoles are just a few of the innovations found in a pair of Skechers walking shoes. These make walking easier, safer, and more pleasant. Skechers consistently adds new collections to its line of shoes, delivering fresh and stylish styles for men and women.

  • Less 25%


Froggie ladies shoes

Froggie shoes' under-foot foam guarantees greater cushioning and support to the contours of the foot, with the added benefit of a soft and "perfect fit" sensation. In order to produce a supple and "wear-friendly" leather, Froggie tumbles their hides.

Froggie shoes come in a wide array of hues and textures. This enables the brand to produce a wide selection suitable for a variety of preferences and uses. Each design is created after consultation with a renowned podiatrist. To create the most comfortable shoes possible, Froggie incorporates cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in design innovation, material sciences, mould production, IT, and podiatry research.

Less 25% off

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