Creating the ideal bedroom space

When decorating the bedroom -- the one room in the house meant for relaxation and rejuvenation -- simplicity is the key to serenity. We can all agree that creating a relaxing and comfortable bedroom space is crucial for a stress-free sleeping environment. The desired look for your bedroom is achievable by incorporating a few simple design concepts into your comforting cocoon.

Let us start with a paint job in a colour of choice. Choose soothing colours since you are aiming for a restful hue, Aqua is elegant and flattering. Remember to paint the ceilings a little lighter shade than the walls. Flat white is best if your walls are white, but if you have dark walls, be sure to go with a slightly lighter colour on the ceiling.

What kind of furniture should I get?

You must determine the functions of your room to help decide what furniture to get. For instance, if you plan on creating a study area in your room, maybe you should choose smaller furniture so you can fit everything in.

For a simple, organized space, you must look into your furniture placement. Arrange the bedroom furniture such that it fits the scale of the room. Also, arrange furniture with adequate spacing between pieces to keep from overcrowding. Do not over-accessorize your sacred space with too many furniture pieces.

You must also consider your lighting options. Different sources of light for different functions are important. You can create a mood with bedroom light fixtures which produces a decorative lighting effect. Bedside table lamps or floor lamps by the bedside for late night reading are equally effective light fixtures. Decorative lights/lamps can make an otherwise simple room look very elegant.

Linen, beddings et al


Have you considered new linens? New linens can make a dramatic difference in your bedroom space. Fabulous linens help set an indulgent mood in your tranquil retreat. Make sure your blanket blends with the sheet colour, so when the bed is turned down, you are presented with an array of similar shades.

So once you have found the perfect mattress and bed linens, it is time to tackle decor. Why not invest in a headboard? Maybe your bed and bedroom space would benefit from a dramatic headboard. These, too, come in a range of styles, from an upholstered headboard to a simple wooden style. Come choose a headboard to match your personal style, we have headboards to fit any decor.

One of the best ways to put the finishing touches on bedroom decor is to decorate the bed with different pillows. Pillows are the perfect way to fill out a colour scheme, for you to make your space uniquely your own and to bring your style to life.  Use the extra pillows to enhance your style, as a decorative element that you can change up as often as you feel. In this setup, the decorative pillow sits up-front while the sham and pillows most of us sleep on are stacked.

Carpeting is essential and it is very important to select the right size rug for your space. A bedroom rug doesn’t necessarily have to be large. A small rug beside the bed provides a soft landing and the perfect place to wipe feet before slipping into the sheets. When selecting a rug for a bedroom, consider the bed size as well as the size of the bedroom.

Lastly, at the foot of your bed should/could be an ottoman bench. Functionally, these handy benches give you a spot to tie your shoes and can even provide extra storage depending on the style.

There is a great variety of bedroom furniture for all styles available in both our store and online. Visit MHC, find bedroom sets and more essentials for your room and finish the desired look for your bedroom space.

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