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Having a stylish bedroom is not only about waking up in a room that looks good. It’s also about feeling relaxed and at home in your bedroom. It does not have to be a huge challenge to plan your ideal bedroom. Once you have the right furniture, the right rug and the right decor and accessories, you will be able to put together a stylish bedroom that combines function and visual appeal. In this guide, we share a few essentials you will need to get started. 

Planning a Stylish Bedroom

To plan a stylish bedroom, here are some of the basics you will need.


Bedroom furniture is the most important thing in any bedroom, whatever your preferred style. Ideally, you want to choose a bed, bedside tables and other furniture that matches. This will create a harmonious flow instead of clashes. Better still, look for bedroom suites that include bedroom furniture. When you have furniture in a single colour, such as black, white or wood, it will work well against wall colour, floor and decor. Always look for high-quality furniture, whatever style you prefer. Cheap, poorly made furniture will never look good.


The right rug can make an amazing impact in any bedroom. There are many different types to choose from, depending on whether your bedroom is modern or more classic. Soft shaggy rugs work in just about every room, adding a touch of luxury. Modern geometric designs in neutral colours are ideal for simple rooms, especially when choosing bolder coloured linens and cushions that add contrast. For vintage or bright bedrooms, you could try a floral rug. Runners are a great way to add rugs in smaller rooms and can be used instead of bedside rugs. 


Once you’ve got the furniture and rug sorted, you can choose your decor. As a general rule of thumb, always keep the look of your bedroom in mind when choosing decor. If you are aiming for an eclectic, bold bedroom, you can play around with different styles and colours. Adding modern style cushions, vases and other decor elements to a romantic or classic room will not work, however. Likewise, adding traditional style decor to a modern room will also look out of place. Keep your accent colours in mind and choose curtains, throws and other items that can complement the room easily instead of clashing. 

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