How to Choose the Best Kids Backpack |

How to Choose the Best Kids Backpack

How to Choose the Best Kids Backpack

As learners get ready to go back to school, finding the right kids backpack is essential. Depending what grade your child is in, what in-school activities they do and, of course, their choice of style and colour, there are various types of kids backpacks to choose from here at MHC World. To help you find the best choice, we’ve put together some tips to consider.

Choosing the Right Kids Backpack

Find just the right kids backpack by keeping these tips in mind.


Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. From wheeled backpacks to regular shoulder backpacks, kids today have plenty of choice than their parents did when they were at school. Wheeled backpacks are a good choice for those carrying a lot of books and files and other stuff. They take the strain off shoulders and backs. Shoulder backpacks are perfect for lighter loads. Those with wider straps will add more comfort. 


Needless to say, style is a major factor. Some schools may have regulations on backpack colours. Others may allow more variety. Girls will love pretty floral designs and pink-accented styles. Boys will likely go for neutral colours or bold logo designs. There are plenty of stylish neutral backpacks, too, for those who prefer simpler styles, such as leather, black and navy. Styles and colours are a personal choice in most cases and students will each have their own idea of what they want in terms of colour and print.


A major factor for any backpack for kids is storage. For younger kids, backpacks don’t need to contain multiple pockets and loads of space as they don’t carry around a lot of stuff. Kids in higher grades will be carrying a lot more, including tablets or laptops. They will need larger sized backpacks that have pockets and multiple storage options. Wheeled backpacks can also be used for students who have large loads, as they can carry a lot more than a regular backpack, even if they don’t have as many compartments. 

At MHC World, we’ve got all the back to school essentials you need, including backpacks. Find the perfect kids backpack and shop online for delivery right to your doorstep.

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