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Planning a baby shower can be stressful and time-consuming. A decade or two ago, these events were fairly simple and low-key. Today, they have become an important part of your pregnancy journey. From gender reveals to fun celebrations with family and friends, you want this day to be an event you will remember. With that said, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this event. In this guide, we share some tips on how to plan a baby shower the simple way.

Planning a Baby Shower

From catering to decor, here’s what you need to know about planning a baby shower. 

Choose your venue

This is easily one of the most important steps in planning any type of event. Are you going to host the party at your home? Will you hire an event venue and do your own catering? Or will you choose a restaurant or catered venue? Is the venue indoors or outdoors? Is there a backup option for outdoor venues if the weather turns bad? Do you need a small venue or something larger? You will ideally need to start planning as early as possible if you are not hosting the event at your home or a friend or family member’s home.

Start planning the party

Once you’ve chosen your venue, you can move on to the main planning stage. Many showers are self-catered. This means that you will need to think about the food and drinks you plan to serve your guests. Most events are held in the morning or afternoon. Although some can offer full meals, many will be tea parties. When you have an idea of what you plan to do for food and drinks, you will need to get catering equipment. Urns are often useful to provide large volumes of hot water for tea and coffee. Folding tables are also useful. Then you need to look at crockery, cutlery, displays for cakes and food, serving boards, seating, and other essentials. 

Plan the final touches

Next, it’s time to add the final touches to make sure that the event is one that everyone will remember for years to come. Create a gift registry on MHC World and include gifts that you’d like to receive. This will make things easier for guests and prevent any duplicate or unwanted gifts. If you’re planning a party for the parents to be, you can also think of any surprises or games you want to play during the event. You’ll also need to think about final decorations, flowers, gender reveal ideas and the schedule for the party. 

MHC World has everything you need to plan your baby shower, with a wide range of products on offer that make party planning easier. 

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