Kitchen Storage Tips for an Organised Kitchen |

Kitchen Storage Tips for an Organised Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Tips for an Organised Kitchen

Kitchen storage is the key to any organised kitchen. Of all the rooms in your home, kitchens can very quickly become the messiest. Trying to keep pantries, shelves, cupboards, food baskets, fridges, freezers, and surfaces tidy is no small feat. It’s even more challenging when you have kids. Even the smallest kitchen can get cluttered. To help you keep things organised, we’ve put together a list of kitchen storage tips.

Easy Kitchen Storage Tips

The simplest way to get organised is to try the following kitchen storage tips.

Sort out your kitchen.

First things first, you will need to do a big clean out. This is by far the most challenging step. Without going through cupboards, fridges, shelves, and other cluttered areas, you will not get anywhere with your organisation plans. Be brutal. Sort everything out into three piles - things to throw away, things to give away and things to keep. If you are no longer using any item, move it to the throw or give away pile. Once you are down to only the things you use, you can begin to get things organised.

Stock up on plasticware.

Next, you will need to stock up on various plasticware, containers and storage solutions. These will include storage boxes, tubs, fridge storage, multi-purpose trays, containers, buckets, and anything else you may need. You can then start organising things and storing them in various containers. Aim to save space wherever possible. Stack containers where possible, but make sure that they can still be easily accessed. Keep containers in their right spots - cereal containers and food storage containers should be in pantries, for example. 

Make labels for all containers.

Labels are the best way to easily access your storage. You can make your own labels using online apps and printers. You can look for store-bought labels or you can even have labels custom-made if you’re looking for something more specific. Always make sure that you can read the labels. Stylish fonts are great… as long as they can be read easily. Clear, simple wording is also important. 

MHC World has all the storage and plasticware you need for an organised, well-planned kitchen. We hope that these kitchen storage tips help you get your kitchen sorted.

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