One day deals, all day long on Wednesday

Wednesday has come around again. We all know what Wednesday means; the end of the week is near.  There are several names given to Wednesday, some call it ‘mid-week’, ‘hump day’, etc. How can we do to make your Wednesday better and brighter? By giving you the most awesome one day deals ever.

MHC has awesome deals online every Wednesday, starting from 00.01 hours till 23.59 hours. And the best part of this is that there are new deals available every Wednesday.

Take advantage of our amazing special offers!

Get great deals online on Wednesdays to save money on your favourite products by logging onto our website You will have the best deals at your fingertips, literally. These offers change at the end of each Wednesday. So if you missed out on some limited numbered item deal, be sure to check back next Wednesday. You might be lucky to find the item available again. But to on the safer side, try logging on to our website early before the limited numbered items all get snatched up. You don't ever want to miss a great deal? Then simply get alerted on deals on your favourite items! To get alerts on the various items on our Wednesday one day deals line up, please follow us on Facebook and on twitter @metrohomecity.

Don’t forget to also search our website for the best deals, special promotions, and discounts that are only offered at MHC online and in store.

Find the best bargains, money-saving offers and discounts, check out our online deals, bundle deals, and other specials. Please read on our website and make use of our “Best price policy”. View our new hot deals online practically daily and also make use of our free delivery service.

For our free store to doorstep delivery service, your purchases must be over R60000 and your destination within a 50km radius of the store. So put your fingers to work and you will be glad you did.


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