Our birthday celebration sale

Our birthday celebration sale

Our birthday celebration sale

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of "YOU" to the world. We all believe in celebration and honouring an individual, so celebrating birthdays is a sweet spot for us all. However at Metro Home City, we go a step further.

Even though it is our birthday and we should be celebrated, we have decided to flip the coin and celebrate “YOU” instead. In celebration of you, we are having the birthday celebration sale. In the celebration we are having, we are offering discounts on just about everything in the store!

We started this journey many years ago, doing what we love by bringing you the greatest deals in town. And years later we are still living the dream by bringing you the best and helping you save at the same time. So this is our way of saying thanks to “YOU”, our extended family for all your support and patronage over the years

So to celebrate our birthday here at Metro Home City this year, we are celebrating with sales on almost everything from all our departments. Whether you would like to come into the store or you would prefer doing your shopping online, you can be sure to find savings on almost everything. For instance, if you are looking to redo or revamp your kitchen, please check out the sale. You will happily be saving from the discounts ranging from 3% to 19% on the many different items on sale. And let us no forget the combo deal with the stove. If you buy a KIC Hob and oven, you will get a free extractor in the deal. Mind you, the oven deal is already discounted. Such are the types of deals in the birthday celebration sale. So feel free to come celebrate with us and partake in the sale.

And in addition to the birthday celebration sale, you can as well stack up your savings on any of our many other promotional deals both online and in store.

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