Pensioner discounts is on at MHC

Pensioner discounts is on at MHC

Pensioner discounts is on at MHC

In line with the initiatives rolled out to make your shopping experiences with us more profound, we are proud to announce the special pensioner discount initiative. It is our way of saying thank you to you our older customers by helping you save even more with us.

As a retiree, you can now enjoy great savings and benefits with us both in-store and online. You will get more cash in your pocket which can be used to spoil yourself even more.

So why not take advantage of our unbelievable discount scheme for our older customers? For you to be able to partake of this, you must get registered online on our website.

Getting registered for pensioner discount

There are some steps to take to getting registered and of course, terms and conditions do apply

You need to be 60 years old and older and you must have a proof of this. Pensioner’s card or ID needs to be presented when you come into the store for verification and validation.

To gain your discount account, you have to go log onto our website to register as a pensioner. You will enter your details at the checkout option if and when you are shopping online to have your purchases discounted. You must come into the store with your ID for verification and validation. Then you will present your ID at the till for your in-store purchases to be discounted.

The discounts the pensioners qualify for are calculated alongside whatever promotion is running in-store or online to meet the specific needs of our older customers. This means you will have even more of discounts as a pensioner. Use them to save a bundle. It is time to enjoy one of the perks of retirement, you have earned it.

To be noted: - Discount accounts are not transferable and can only be used by the original account holder.

If you are in need of further clarity, please come and see us in-store for more details.




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