These days, trusting your dishwashing machine to do all the work, rather than your hands is a good idea. Why? Because a dishwasher uses hot water to kill bacteria and germs, the kind of heat that your hands will not be able to handle yet still wash the dishes effectively. And not to forget, the kitchen sponge is one of the most bacteria and germ-infested items in your entire home. If you are interested in getting a new Bosch dishwasher at MHC World, we have compiled some points that will help you clean your dishes even better. Read further:

Use The Correct Water temperature

Most dishwasher brands have various recommendations when it comes to water temperature. Some have a specific temperature for removing food soiling, to sanitise and also remove germs and bacteria. However, no matter what, your dishwasher water temperature should not be anywhere below 37,7 °C. Many households lower their water temperature to save on electricity, but at this heat and lower, the water is not enough to remove food residue and bacteria from the dishes. 

Use The Right Detergent

A warning to those new to dishwashers, always pay attention to the detergent that you purchase. There is a difference between dishwashing and dishwasher detergent, and both are produced for different functions. Dishwashing detergent is for the sink while dishwasher detergent is for a dishwasher. Now that is covered, you will learn that there are various detergents available on the market, but the choice is usually between crystal and gel. The gel dissolves quickly once it's in the water, no matter the temperature of the water while crystals harden once it picks up moisture in the air. Some detergents combine the best qualities from both gel and crystal detergents.

Pack Your Dishes The Correct Way

To clean your dishes better, loading them correctly into the dishwasher machine is an essential part of the process. Without placing them properly, the efficiency of the dishwasher will be affected drastically. If done correctly, the water will be able to penetrate all the dishes inside and out, leaving no spot with any food residue. It means placing the cups and glasses with their bottoms facing upwards, as well as the plates facing the same direction.

You don’t want your family to eat from dishes that are still infested with bacteria and germs. Now that you understand how a dishwasher can improve your life in the kitchen, you can visit MHC World’s store in Pretoria or visit our website and browse our different dishwasher models.

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