Storage solutions for small spaces

Storage solutions for small spaces

Storage solutions for small spaces

For anyone living in a small home or apartment or even just trying to make the most of a small room, maximizing space is essential. Some people make the decision to live in a small space because it fits their lifestyle and helps them save money.

The first rule for an uncluttered home is to have a place for everything and put everything in its place. If you lack storage, then that task becomes even harder to accomplish. In order to make the most of a small space, you have to find clever ways to use whatever space you can find. You can make your small space work for you by maximizing your space. There has been an explosion in storage-minded products in recent years. Many of these products work wonders in small spaces to keep clutter at bay.

Furniture in small spaces

When it comes to living in close quarters, furniture makes a big difference. Picking multi-purpose pieces for a small space is important. Find furniture that serves multiple purposes, and you will get more home storage space. Furniture pieces that can work in a variety of ways are a great fit for small spaces. These furniture pieces are those that serve a dual purpose and that make your small space amazing.

There are some really well-designed options that make bold statements in any room. For example, you can turn your living area into a guest room with a sleeper sofa or buy an ottoman that comes with storage. The ottoman with storage is a simple space-saving living-room furniture idea. The comfy ottoman in front of your favourite overstuffed chair would be a perfect place for storage in the living-room. It serves as both an extra seating and a footrest. It also gives plenty of storage space for anything from extra blankets, remotes, and other items you want at arm’s reach.

If you need to create more storage space when redesigning, take out some time to walk around your home. You are bound to figure out something you had missed before. For instance, you can make good use of the space beneath the window. With this, you can set up box storage under the window. Your oven is another huge empty storage space that is just waiting to be filled.

Note: you must just be careful, ensure to empty it out before you turn it on.

Making your small space work

When space is tight, versatility is critical. Investing in storage containers like bins and baskets can help to get your valuable square footage organized. Clear plastic storage bins are great for closed storage so you can easily identify their contents. Stackable bins are durable, inexpensive and they guarantee maximum space conservation.

Armoires and kitchen or bathroom cabinets make great storage for bulky, out of season items like sweaters and winter boots. Storing things under the bed is also a common practice. You can try investing in some under-the-bed storage bins or buying a bed frame with drawers built into it. Ottoman benches or kists by the foot of the bed are both a bedroom accessory as well as they provide storage. These all give you extra space-saving storage for your pillows, blankets, and linens.


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