The appeal of modern TV stands and wall units

The appeal of modern TV stands and wall units

Many South Africans have fond memories of their parents and even grandparents’ clunky and larger than life wall units, complete with a television at the centre. Many families bonded in front of it and created fond memories such as fighting over who would watch their favourite shows and movies or mom and dad watching their favourite soap operas and sports matches.

Although wall units have become more modern and television stands have become an alternative for small homes, both have become a part of our lives; and according to most parents, no home is complete without one. Not only is it perfect to keep the television set safe and away from the hands of young children, but with its discreet shelves and cupboards, can store a whole lot of family memories.

From family pictures and portraits to certificates of excellence and special cutlery only used for special occasions, the wall unit has been used to turn a house into a home and show off the children’s academic achievements. Not only can wall units store your television set and audio entertainment system but can also be decorated with a favourite vase, used to store books and other personal family items.

Wall units come in a range of designs and components, from contemporary and modern to classic traditional designs, but it also depends on the style of furniture that will accompany the wall unit. Entertainment centres are made from a variety of wood including oak, alder and maple, with metal and glass also used to make them.

And because wall units are mobile, they can be moved around the home for a fresh look in the lounge. They are also easy for builders to install as they come in separate units and compartments depending on the design.

Although finding the right wall unit for your lounge is exhausting and can take up a lot of time, finding the perfect one will be a selection of a lifetime. With so many assorted designs to choose from, consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to what will fit in with their tastes.

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