Things to remember while designing home theatre.

Things to remember while designing home theatre.

A perfectly fitted and installed home theatre can be your pride and joy, showing it off to all your visitors every chance you get. You can dream too when home theatre systems are for sale at Metro Home City World. And who can blame you, because, with a home theatre, you can see even the smallest of zits on your favourite actress, colours are more vibrant and whatever is showing comes alive and the sound is crisp and clean? To get here, however, is not difficult no matter how deep or shallow your pockets are, you just need to keep in mind what budget you are working with and tailor your home theatre accordingly.


What is the point of purchasing a home theatre system when your lounge can barely fit half of the speakers that come along with it? Before you decide on what home theatre system to get, whether it will have small speakers or long speakers, check if one of the spare rooms cannot be converted into your home theatre. Your own home theatre will have no windows to let light seep in and ruin your time watching your favourite shows. This could work well especially for when watching a horror movie or a movie with darker lighting. The ideal space for a home theatre should be one that will fit at least more than five people so look at your garage, wine cellar if you have one and even a basement which are enormous spaces that can be converted into a home theatre.


When searching for a home theatre system, you want to purchase a brand that is affordable to you, is easy to install if you’re doing it yourself as well as quality sound. You wouldn’t want to purchase a system with excellent quality sound coming from the speakers only to have the sound near zero from fear of waking up the neighbours with rapid gunfire or a creepy film score. To soundproof your home theatre, there are plenty of ways to do so such as installing acoustic wall panels that will help block out the noise, wall to wall carpeting also helps to absorb sound and was used in music recording studios in the 70s.  

Comfortable seating

What is a movie without popcorn and a comfortable seating arrangement? Seats are the cherry on top to your wonderful home theatre that you yourself have designed. The chairs will not only be used by close family and friends but other guests as well if the need arises so getting comfortable chairs is important. Depending on your budget, you can always get immaculate leather recliner chairs from Metro Home City World and other chairs that will suit your budget.

Your dream of a home theatre in your basement can come true at Metro Home City World. Visit us today for more information.

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