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    Restonic Products for Sale Online

    Shop our range of Restonic products for sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our Restonic products for sale, we also offer cloud 9 products, bedroom suites and drawers.

    Restonic, one of the leading bedding producers in Southern Africa, has a clear ambition of being the largest and most vertically integrated Bedding Manufacturer in the markets we service, offering comfort and a good night's sleep in every home.

    Introduction to Restonic Products

    Restonic was founded in 1981 by Michael Metz, a powerful businessman who has built the company from nothing to a multi-million rand dynasty and household name.

    He first worked in his father's furniture shop and in 1981 founded Metz Bedding, which later became Restonic, an international brand manufactured under licence.

    Restonic is still a family-owned company that today employs over 300 individuals.

    Since the beginning, Restonic’s attention to detail, the desire to make and provide exceptional products, and the family’s determination to succeed, led to the company's spectacular success. It expanded from a little enterprise in 1981 to a group that supplies all of the nation's largest furniture retailers.

    With over 35 years of expertise in the mattress manufacturing industry, it boasts a strong household brand that the South African customer recognises as the bed of choice.

    One of the most significant challenges in the bedding industry is logistics and the expenses connected with the transportation of bulky raw materials and finished goods, therefore it made sense for Restonic to collaborate with one of the global leaders in logistics, shipping, and manufacturing - The KAP industrial group.

    The company does not only care about giving people a good night’s rest, though, they also care for the environment by conducting the Restonic S Plant-A-Tree Programme.

    The Restonic SA Plant-a-Tree programme is part of their greater commitment to the environment, and the planet, and to be a responsible corporate citizen.

    Furthermore, Restonic is a leader in recycling and sustainable manufacturing which recycles more than 7,000 tons of material per year.

    The company boasts that it aims to engage responsibly with the environment through sustainable practices and operations while providing the most cost-effective and affordable products and services to customers. 


    Why the Restonic Brand is a Sign of Quality

    Restonic SA is a leader in manufacturing quality mattresses in Africa and is famous for its Marvelous Middle beds.

    Restonic beds are built on years of sleep innovation that is driven by customer feedback and careful research.

    Restonic has won several awards for its products, such as the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award and the Women’s Choice Award.

    Restonic is part of the Proudly South African movement and also supports responsible ecologically friendly manufacturing and recycling processes.


    Different Types of Restonic Products

    Restonic is a leading bed manufacturer in Africa and globally with beds classified according to different aspects.

    Their full range of beds includes beds in different comfort levels, classified as Firm, Medium, and Plush.

    Furthermore, beds are classified according to the following features: Marvelous Middle, Pillow Top Beds, Memory Foam Beds, Latex Beds, and Rotators.

    Finally, the different bed types include Bonnel Spring Beds, Dual Spring Beds, Pocket Spring Beds, and Hybrid Spring Beds.


    Benefits of Sleeping on a Restonic Mattress

    Sleeping on a Restonic mattress can provide you with many benefits. These benefits are achieved by the combination of quality materials, advanced features and ergonomic design that Restonic offers.

    You will benefit in the following ways:

    ·        Improved sleep quality and quantity

    ·        Reduced back pain and stiffness

    ·        Enhanced blood circulation and oxygen delivery

    ·        Lowered stress levels and improved mood

    ·        Increased energy and productivity


    Caring for Your Restonic Mattress

    Restonic mattresses can last between 7 and 10 years, varying depending on how you use and care for your mattress.

    To ensure that your Restonic mattress lasts long and performs well, you should follow some simple care tips, such as:

    ·        Use a mattress protector to prevent stains, spills and dust mites.

    ·        Rotate your mattress every three months to even out the wear and tear.

    ·        Avoid jumping or standing on your mattress to prevent damage to the springs or foam.

    ·        Clean your mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a mild detergent.

    ·        Air your mattress occasionally to remove moisture and odours.

    ·        You can find more care instructions on the warranty card that comes with your mattress or on the Restonic website.


    How to Choose a Restonic Product

    Before buying a bed follow these easy steps to narrow down if you need a new bed, what bed is the best for the type of sleeper you are, and what you can afford. 

    First, ask yourself:

    ·        Do you have trouble sleeping?

    ·        Are you waking up in the morning with headaches and/or muscular pains?

    ·        Do you roll to the centre of the bed with your partner?

    ·        When you lie in bed, do you sense springs and ridges beneath the surface of the mattress?

    ·        Is your bed older than ten years?

    Then follow these easy steps to choose a new mattress:

    ·        As with anything else you buy, you must first conduct thorough research on the mattress you intend to acquire.

    ·        Find out if the mattress needs to be turned, how it must be cleaned, what the mattress's life cycle is, and more.

    ·        Do you want a spring, foam, or memory foam mattress? Discover the differences between various types of mattresses and which one is best for you.

    ·        Remember that the higher the quality of the mattress, the longer its life span will be, but the higher the price.

    ·        Disruptions from a spouse are a common source of insomnia. Rather, purchase a larger bed, such as a king-size bed, to ensure that the times you toss and turn each night do not disturb your partner. Ensure that your new bed is long enough.

    ·        Make sure you know the measurements of your bedroom and all entry points to it before you head out to get a new bed.

    ·        Take a day out of your hectic schedule to thoroughly try the bed you like. Rest in your chosen sleeping position (back or side) for as long as you consider necessary to evaluate the bed's comfort.

    ·        Most importantly, do not go bed shopping when you are exhausted because all the mattresses will feel amazing.

    ·        Firm beds can help you sleep better if you have back discomfort, but an overly firm bed can aggravate your condition. Consult your local doctor or chiropractor to determine which mattress is best if you have back problems.

    ·        Lastly, purchase from a reputable dealer like MHC World.

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