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    Eetrite Stoneware Utensil Holder 22cm ER0317

    R 349.00

    Eetrite Chef Knife with Thermoplastic Rubber Handle ER1473GRN

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Slimline Sugar Ladle SL/1S

    R 30.95

    Eetrite Stainless Steel Kids 4 Piece Cutlery Set KC1

    R 229.95

    Eetrite 340ml Double Walled Latte Mugs S7078

    R 339.95

    Eetrite Newport 4 Piece Soda Spoons NP/4SOD

    R 99.95

    Eetrite Just White Rim Soup Bowl, 22cm ER1265

    R 59.95

    Eetrite Slimline Dessert Spoon 4 Piece SL/4DS

    R 129.95

    Eetrite Porcelain Mug 380ml ER2316

    R 29.95

    Eetrite Cederberg Mugs Set OF 4 ER2330

    R 299.00

    Eetrite Goblet Glass 500ml Set of 4

    R 229.95

    Eetrite Slimline Cake Lifter SL/LC1

    R 129.95

    Eetrite Slimline Sugar Spoon

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Coffee Plunger – Red

    R 299.95

    Eetrite Newport Cake Fork 4 Piece NP/4CF

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Cup & Saucer White 230cc ER2803

    R 49.95

    Eetrite 1000ml Coffee Plunger Metallic Teal ER2007TL

    R 189.95

    Eetrite 1000ml Coffee Plunger Matte Black ER2007BLK

    R 399.95

    Eetrite Bread Knife Red ER1473R

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Santuko Knife Blue ER1473BL

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Paring Knife With Cover Purple ER1472PU

    R 49.95

    Eetrite Paring Knife With Cover Green ER1472GRN

    R 49.95

    Eetrite Ramekins 9cm Set of 2 ER0271

    R 99.00

    Eetrite Just White Round Footed Salad Bowl 22cm ER0269

    R 249.95

    Eetrite Just White 2 Division Leaf Platter 42cm ER0264

    R 279.00

    Eetrite Egg Cups Set of 4 ER0234

    R 119.95

    Eetrite Tea Pot White 21cmx15cmx12.5cm ER0293

    R 249.95

    Eetrite Just White Oil & Vinegar Serving Set ER0260

    R 199.95

    Eetrite Just White 3 Mini Dishes On Acacia Serving Tray ER0239

    R 299.00

    Eetrite Slimline Table Forks 4 Piece Set SL/4TF

    R 149.95

    Eetrite 1000ml Stainless steel Coffee Plunger ER2007ST

    R 299.95

    Eetrite Coffee Plunger Borosilicate Glass 1000ML ERP1000BK

    R 239.95

    Eetrite Coffee Plunger Borosilicate Glass 800ML ERP8000BK

    R 219.00

    Eetrite Coffee Plunger Borosilicate Glass 600ML ERP6000BK

    R 179.95

    Eetrite Slimline Soup Spoon Set, Set Of 4 SL/4SS

    R 119.95

    Eetrite Slimline Dessert Fork Set, Set Of 4 SL/4DF

    R 119.95

    Eetrite Newport Fish Knife Set, Set Of 4 NP/4FK

    R 119.95

    Eetrite Newport Cake Lifter NP/1CL

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Bunny Children's Cutlery Set, 4pc CK2

    R 199.00

    Eetrite Just White Cereal Bowl, 14cm ER1262

    R 79.95

    Eetrite Just White Rim Side Plate 19cm ER1261

    R 59.95

    Eetrite Butter Dish with Acacia Lid ER0291

    R 249.00

    Eetrite 24.5cm Round Casserole Just White Bakeware ER0231

    R 329.00

    Eetrite Slimline Gravy Ladle SL/1GL

    R 79.95
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