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    Fine Quality Fan Heaters for Sale Online

    Shop our range of fan heaters sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our fan heaters for sale, we also offer electric heatersgas heaters and electric blankets

    What Is a Fan Heater

    Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or a condo, using fan heaters is a dependable method to heat the portions of the home that you use the most, as opposed to wasting energy attempting to heat the whole property.

    These heaters work by blowing warm air into a room. Most units have a ceramic heating element, which is made up of ceramic plates and aluminium filters that heat up when electricity goes through them.

    You will probably get the greatest value out of your money if you invest in a fan heater.


    How Does a Fan Heater Work

    A fan heater has an element that slowly gets hot. A fan blows the heat from the element into the room. Even though this type of heater is small, it can heat a big area because of using the fan. A disadvantage of a heater with a fan is that it makes a lot of noise when it is working.

    Fan heaters only cost a few cents a day to run, and the heat they give off can be directed to specific areas and felt more quickly. There is no reason why you should not add a heater or multiple heaters to your home right now.


    Benefits of Fan Heaters

    There are several benefits of using fan heaters rather than other types of electric heaters:

    Affordability - The cheapest kind of heater is one with a fan. Because they use a simple mechanism, they are both cheap and effective. The heating unit heats up quickly and does not use much electricity to run. So, both the initial cost and the cost over time are low. They are easy to buy and have low risk because they can be used in many ways in different rooms.

    Safe to use – Fan heaters with ceramic elements are the safest way to heat your home, and most people choose them when they want to be safe. This is because the burning element does not get nearly as hot as other types. Most models have built-in systems that stop the flow of electricity once the heating element hits a set heat.

    Space heaters used to easily cause fires, but fan heaters have a lot of safety measures to keep that from happening.

    Here are some of our best tips for staying safe:

    • Look for a model that will turn off on its own if it falls over or gets too hot.
    • The surface temperature is safe for kids because the outside is flame-resistant.
    • Use the unit correctly by following the safety instructions.
    • Do not put your heater near things that can catch fire or leave it alone.
    • Clean your unit often to keep it running well.


    Portability - One of the best things about a heater with a fan is that it can be moved around. You can move these small heating units from room to room and have custom heating anywhere. Many types have handles that make them easy to carry.

    Most of the time, they are small and can fit on a tabletop. All you need is a regular electricity plug. Nothing else needs to be installed or set up. Fan heaters are therefore also easy to store when not in use.

    You can even use it while camping or on vacation. Buy a single fan heater for the whole house if you only need to heat one room at a time. Because they are small, they also work well in small rooms like bathrooms.

    Less noise - Even though these heaters are not totally silent, they can be incredibly quiet. They are a great low-profile way to heat your home if you do not mind a low hum. They do not get very loud, so the noise they make does not outweigh the benefits of being cheap and easy to carry.

    When you are trying to sleep, white noise can be a soothing way to block out other sounds. If you want to use it before bed, look for a model with a programmed timer that will turn it off after a certain amount of time, saving you money on electricity while you sleep.

    Effectively warms a large space - A heater with a fan can heat the whole room, making it the most flexible way to heat. Most likely, you will be moving around the room, so you will want it to be warm everywhere. Most fan heaters will heat 100 square feet for every 1000 watts of heat, as long as the area is well insulated. Most have at least two power levels, which gives you more control over how hot you want it. Some even have a changeable thermostat that lets you set a certain temperature that the unit will turn on and off to keep.

    Fan and heater combo - Many heaters have a "fan-only" setting that lets you just use the fan without turning on the heater. That means you can warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summer with just one unit! Not all types have this feature, so if you want it, make sure the unit you want has a fan-only choice.

    Convenient to use - Fan heaters come with a variety of functions. Most of them are easy to use and do not take up much space. The average indoor type uses 1500 watts of power.

    Excellent for large areas - Fan heaters are a popular choice for quickly warming up big, often-used living spaces since the whole room will get warm. A heater that moves around adds more heating power.

    When you use a small heater, you can turn down your central temperature and only heat the places you use the most. By using less energy, you not only save money on your monthly utility bill but also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you put into the air.


    How to Choose a Fan Heater

    Be careful to choose a type that fits your needs for warmth. Some units turn on and off to keep a steady temperature. This is usually a good way to save energy, but if you are trying to heat a room that is too big, you will be wasting your time. Too strong heaters will use a lot of energy, which will lead to a high electric bill. Find one with the right amount of wattage and square feet covering for the places you want to heat.

    When it comes to buying an electric space heater, fundamental questions like “Will this heater adequately heat my space?” and “How much will it cost to operate?” take precedence over a number of bonus features included with the unit. The top features to look for in a fan heater are:

    • Heating capacity
    • Energy-efficiency
    • Safety features
    • Noise level


    Best Brands of Fan Heaters (available on MHC)

    MHC World stocks several popular brands of fan heaters, like Homestar, Goldair, and Russell Hobbs

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