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    Jamie Oliver 23cm Springform Round Cake Tin Non-Stick JB1025

    R 339.95

    Jamie Oliver Kitchen Essential Stainless Steel 7 Piece Set E314S774

    R 4,399.00

    Jamie Oliver Acacia Wood Spoon JB3415

    R 179.00

    Jamie Oliver Mango Tool JB1270

    R 99.95

    Jamie Oliver Peach Slicer JB1220

    R 99.95 R 59.95

    Jamie Oliver Pizza Wheel JB6500

    R 369.95

    Jamie Oliver Garlic Press/Cutter JB6300

    R 699.00

    Jamie Oliver Acacia Wood Pasta Spoon JB3435

    R 179.95 R 159.95

    Jamie Oliver Digital Kitchen Scales JB4210

    R 699.00

    Jamie Oliver Rasp Grater JB1240

    R 269.95

    Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone JC5122

    R 599.00

    Jamie Oliver Acacia Wood Slotted Spoon JB3425

    R 179.00

    Jamie Oliver 5 Round Cookie Cutters Set Of 5 JB3830

    R 289.00

    Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Cake Server JB3580

    R 219.00

    Jamie Oliver Cake Tester JB3575

    R 99.95

    Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Palette Knife JB3565

    R 199.00

    Jamie Oliver Rolling Pin Solid Acacia Wood JB3335

    R 499.00

    Jamie Oliver 12 Muffin Tray Non-Stick JB1060

    R 359.00

    Jamie Oliver Square Cake Tin Non-Stick JB1070

    R 319.00

    Jamie Oliver 23cm Loose Base Round Tin Non-Stick JB1040

    R 279.00

    Jamie Oliver 20CM Springform Round Cake Tin Non-Stick JB1020

    R 279.00

    Jamie Oliver Salad Dressing Shaker 300ML JB1280

    R 289.00

    Jamie Oliver 20CM Loose Base Round Tin Non-Stick JB1035

    R 189.00

    Jamie Oliver Mini Muffin Tray 24 Holes Non-Stick JB1065

    R 189.00

    Jamie Oliver Baking Non-Stick JB1015

    R 189.00

    Arguably one of the world’s most famous chefs, Jamie Oliver ensures that each product he puts his name to is up to the standards of his own kitchen. Designed to serve, dish, hold, eat off and create on like the professionals would, the former Naked Chef’s homeware products have the uncompromising quality that your kitchen needs..

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