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    LG 10.5KG Silver Vivace Front Loader F4V5RYP2T

    R 14,999.00 R 9,999.00

    LG 14 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher Quadwash DFB512FP

    R 15,999.00 R 8,999.00

    LG 12/8KG Front Loader Combo Washer Black F4V9BCP2E

    R 22,999.00 R 15,999.00

    LG 14 Place Matte Black Stainless Steel Dishwasher DFB325HM

    R 18,999.00 R 15,999.00

    Samsung 24kg Black Top Loader WA24A8370GV

    R 19,999.00 R 17,999.00

    JBL 5.1 Surround Sound Channel Sound Bar OH4181

    R 12,999.00 R 11,999.00

    DS Wifi Switch 3 Lever Black SWS-121-3

    R 569.95 R 519.95

    Beko 10 kg Washing machine Grey Front Loader BAW201

    R 11,499.00

    DS Wifi Switch 1 Lever White SWS-121-1

    R 519.95 R 469.95

    DS Wifi Switch 3 Lever White SWS-121-3

    R 559.95 R 519.95

    Hisense 100 Inch Laser TV 100L5H

    R 59,999.00 R 34,999.00

    LG 674 L Matte Black Steel Side By Side GC-X257CQFS

    R 59,999.00 R 39,999.00

    DS Wifi Switch 2 Lever Black SWS-121-2

    R 549.95 R 499.95

    LG 10.5/7KG Washing Machine F4V5RGP2T

    R 17,999.00 R 12,999.00

    Tenda CP3 Security Pan/Tilt 1080p Camera

    R 899.00 R 649.00

    Tenda CP7 Security Pan/Tilt 4MP Camera

    R 899.00 R 799.00

    TP-Link Tapo Robot Vacuum Cleaner TAPO-RV10

    R 5,099.00

    TP-Link Tapo C310 Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera

    R 1,199.00 R 1,099.00

    TP-Link Tapo Robot Vacuum RV10 Lite

    R 4,399.00

    TP-Link Tapo C110 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

    R 799.00 R 699.00

    TP-LINK TAPO C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera and Alarm

    R 699.00 R 599.00

    TAPO C200 Pan/Tilt Home Security Wifi Camera, 1080P, Two-Way Audio

    R 899.00 R 799.00

    DS Wifi Switch 4 Lever Black SWS-121-4

    R 649.95 R 599.95

    DS Wifi Switch 4 Lever White SWS-121-4

    R 649.95 R 599.95

    DS Wifi Switch 2 Lever White SWS-121-2

    R 549.95 R 499.95

    LG 165cm 65” NanoCell 4K TV 65NANO796QA

    R 16,999.00 R 11,999.00

    Beko 10 kg AquaTech Front Loader Washing Machine BAW101

    R 12,499.00 R 10,999.00

    Whirlpool built- in microwave stainless steel colour W7 MW461

    R 11,499.00

    JBL Bar 1000 7.1.4 Channel Soundbar With Detachable Surround Speakers

    R 23,999.00 R 16,499.00

    Samsung 21Kg Black Top Loader WA21A8370GV

    R 17,999.00 R 13,999.00

    LG 611Lt Matte Black Side by Side Refrigerator GC-J257SQKS

    R 46,999.00 R 32,999.00

    Lg 761 Black Stainless Steel Door in Door Side By Side GC-J297CQAL

    R 52,999.00 R 39,999.00

    LG 373L Matte Black Fridge Freezer GC-F459NQDM

    R 17,999.00 R 14,999.00

    Hoover Gyro Robot Vacuum Cleaner HBOT22

    R 5,999.00 R 5,799.00

    Smart Home Devices for Sale Online

    Shop our range of smart home devices sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our smart home devices for sale, we also offer televisions, soundbars and home theatre systems

    The process of getting started with smart home devices might be a little intimidating, but the benefits that they can give, such as convenience and peace of mind, make it worthwhile. Because there are so many various kinds of smart home devices on the market, you can be sure to find one that is just right for you.

    What Are Smart Home Devices

    An appliance or electrical item that can be operated remotely through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or voice command is known as a "smart home device."

    These devices can be found in modern homes. The devices that make up a smart home are those that can be connected to the internet and that can exchange information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


    How Does Smart Home Devices Work

    Smart home devices work with the help of sensors, actuators, and a network for contact. The sensors can tell when things change in the surroundings, like the temperature, the amount of light, or the amount of motion. Based on the data from the sensors, the motors do something, like turn on a light or change the temperature. The smart home gadgets can “talk” to each other and to the user through the communication network.

    There are two main types of connection networks used for smart home devices: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is a wireless network that computers and other devices often use to link to the internet. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless network that is often used to connect devices like smartphones and speakers that are close to each other.

    Once the smart home devices are connected to the network, you can use a smartphone, a tablet, or just your voice to handle them. With the smart home app, the user can control each gadget on its own or set up schedules and automations. For example, the user can set the heat to turn down at night or have the lights turn on when they get home.


    Different Types of Smart Home Devices

    Smart thermostats - Using these devices, you will be able to adjust the temperature in your home from virtually any location. You can programme them to turn on or off at specific times, or you can modify the temperature remotely if you're going to be arriving home early or staying out late.

    Smart lights - Using either your smartphone or a voice command, you are able to turn these lights on or off, dim them, or alter the colour of the light. You are also able to programme your lights to turn on and off at specific times according to a schedule that you create.

    Smart locks - Because you can lock and unlock these locks from a distance, you won't have to worry about leaving your keys inside the house when you leave the house. You can also give guests their own access codes, allowing them to enter the property whenever they like without your presence being required.

    Smart cameras - While you are away from home, these cameras can keep an eye on things at your house. On your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you have the ability to view live footage of your house and also receive notifications when the camera detects motion in the area.

    Smart speakers - In addition to being able to play music, set timers, and provide answers to inquiries, these speakers may also be used to control other smart home devices.


    Benefits of Smart Home Devices

    You can conveniently control your home's appliances and systems from anywhere, so you don't have to get up to turn on the lights or adjust the thermostat.

    You can keep an eye on your property even when you're not there thanks to smart security cameras, which can also give you notifications if they detect motion in the area.

    Smart thermostats are able to save you money on your utility bills by altering the temperature when you aren't there to compensate for the change.

    When you are away from home for a lengthy period of time, having the knowledge that you can control the appliances and systems in your house from a remote location can provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind.


    How to Choose Smart Home Devices

    When shopping for smart home gadgets, here are some things to keep in mind:

    What do you want to get out of smart home gadgets? Do you want to use less energy, feel safer, or have more ease of life? Once you know what you want to do, you can start to cut down your options.

    Smart home gadgets can be quite expensive, decide how much you are willing to spend for convenience.

    Make sure that the smart home gadgets you choose are compatible with each other and with the Wi-Fi network in your home. You don't want to buy a bunch of gadgets that don't work with each other.

    Look for gadgets with apps and controls that are easy to use. You don't want to have to figure out how to use them for hours.

    Hackers can get into smart home devices, so it's important to choose safe devices. Look for gadgets with security features like two-factor authentication and encryption.

    Think about how long you want to use the smart home gadgets you buy. If you want to use them for a long time, you should choose gadgets that will work with smart home platforms that come out in the future.


    General Advice to Think About Before Buying Smart Home Devices

    Read reviews: Before you buy smart home gadgets, read reviews of them. This will give you an idea of how well they have worked for other people.

    Ask for suggestions: Ask your friends, family, or neighbours what smart home gadgets they think you should buy. They may have tried some gadgets already and can tell you what they thought of them.

    Start small: Don't try to buy too many smart gadgets for your home at once. Start with the few things you think will help you the most. You can add more devices at any time.

    Be patient: Smart home gadgets can take some time to get used to. Don't get down on yourself if you can't figure them out right away. Just keep practising and you'll finally get the hang of it.

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