Eetrite Slimline Cake Fork Set - 6 Piece


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Eetrite - Newport Cake Fork Set - 6 Piece
Choose the perfect piece of eetrite cutlery! Eetrite cutlery gleams in high-quality stainless steel. Each piece is hand-forged or stamped to ensure solid and lasting flatware. A close look reveals the clean detail and definition associated with fine workmanship. When buying cutlery always take into consideration the composition, construction and shape of the cutlery.

What it's made of:
Eetrite stainless steel cutlery is composed of a variety of high quality iron alloys. All eetrite cutlery comprises of 18% chromium - this if for durability and hardness which means all our cutlery is hard wearing and rust free to last you a lifetime. Some of our cutlery has an added 8% or 10% nickel to add lustre and shine. You will see this on the packaging with following markings: 18/0 ; 18/8 ; 18/10

How it's made:
How our cutlery is made will determine the weight and balance of each piece.

These handles are produced when a pattern is stamped onto a single piece of metal, resulting in flatware with a solid, hefty weight.

This flatware is heated then struck to produce simple, clean patterns by hand. Similar to stamped handled flatware, forged pieces are comprised of one piece and have a heavier feel.

Hollowed Handled:
Made in three distinct pieces, hollow handled flatware offers excellent balance and a lightweight feel. It's all about your personal taste and style. Pick up the pieces , see how they feel. All our pieces have been designed to be comfortable and functional without impacting on style. It's all in your hands.

What's in the box:
x 6 Cake Forks

- Dishwasher safe

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