Resto Pavo Deep Frypan 20cm 93030 Black

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PAVO 93030 Deep frypan 20cm H-6.4cm Product Weight: 0.57 kg Dimensions: 64x200x400 mm Induction disc diameter: 133 mm Diameter: 20 cm Board height: 6.4 cm Bottom thickness: 3.5 mm Body...
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PAVO 93030 Deep frypan 20cm H-6.4cm

  • Product Weight: 0.57 kg
  • Dimensions: 64x200x400 mm
  • Induction disc diameter: 133 mm
  • Diameter: 20 cm
  • Board height: 6.4 cm
  • Bottom thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Body thickness: 3 mm
  • Edge thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Forged aluminum
  • Handle material: Soft-touch
  • Interior coating: PFLUON 4 layers
  • Outer surface material: Heat resistant 4 layers
  • Inside coating colour: Black
  • Faceguard colour: Black
  • Handle colour: Black
  • Outside coating colour: Violet with shiny powder
  • Packaging: Paper color sleeve
  • Certificate: LFGB (Tuv lab)
  • GAS
  • HALOGEN 100%

PFLUON interior non-stick coating External heat-resistant coating - Violet color Ergonomic Soft-touch handle Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction

Deep frying pan

The nature of this pan is one that enables you to cook a whole range of dishes. We wanted to construct something that was very versatile because so many of us, even those with limited culinary experience or not a huge gastronomic knowledge, want to be able to cook a variety of dishes. With this Pavo pan, you will be able to do just this and to cook your family's favorite dishes from Bolognese and pasta to stir-frys and risottos. So for that all-important date or dinner party you have coming up, you know that you can depend on your Pavo and that it will be sure to serve up an absolute treat for your audience.

Modern design

These days we all want the dishes we eat to reflect those made by the gastronomic geniuses and celebrities we see on our TV screens. Not only this but with the advent of this globalized and connected world we live in, we all have access to so many foreign and exciting goods that simply wouldn't have been the case in decades past. This means that we want our dishes to be modern and stylish and to impress anyone who is fortunate enough to be tasting them. This also goes for the items we use to prepare our meals, and this is why with this Pavo range we have made sure that it comes with a beautifully sleek modern design so that it will help accentuate any kitchen it ends up living in.

External heat-resistant coating With this

Pavo range, we have included a specially designed outer coating that protects the surface from carbon deposits, facilitates maintenance and maintains its original appearance for a long time. It differs from press aluminium pans with thicker walls and a multilayer bottom. These elements combine to really optimize your cooking experience, not only will your pans not soon deteriorate with black markings on their surface, but you will not have to also spend your valuable time trying to clean and scrub them, simply clean them swiftly and pop them away on a shelf or hanger.

4-layers non-stick coating

These pans not only come with a beautifully presented and unique satin finish but also a specially designed 4-layer Pfluon non-stick coating. This includes a base for ultra-high resistance and durability, a layer that is anti-abrasive, a second layer that leads to non-sticking and further added non-stick surface. Non-stick interior coating is more than just a trend. It is an essential 4-layer non-stick material that leads to far more heightened performance. It means you can cook with a minimum amount of oil due to a four-layer durable and highly abrasion-resistant non-stick surface. And, as an added bonus, the water-based non-stick interior coating doesn’t contain Cadmium, Lead, and Perftroctanoic Acid (PFOA).

Induction bottom

It is undeniable that cooking with an induction cookstove is very beneficial. It heats fast, it is energy-efficient and safe to use as well. These kinds of stoves require special pans with a magnetic bottom and that is why this Pavo pan has just this and why the bottom of the pan is smooth and flat so electric currents can flow easily through the base of the pan. Induction compatible pans like these Pavo pans also work on gas, electric, radiant, and smooth cooktops, meaning that should you move to a different house with different kinds of appliances, you will be able to take your pans with you.

Antideformation disk

We wanted to construct a pan with this Pavo range that was going to last long into the future. Given we use these things every day to do one of the most basic but important tasks of the day, it is important that the item itself is robust and carefully built. That is why this Pavo pan, unlike many standard pans, has a bottom like all RESTO frypans that is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk which makes their lifetime longer and guarantees resistance to deformation under heating. This means that this pan will likely be your close cooking companion long into the future.

Ergonomic soft-touch handle

It was important to us when designing this Pavo pan that we created something that not only made wonderful dishes but which was also a joy and a pleasure to use during the cooking process. That is why we have made sure that this collection comes with handles with a soft-touch finish so that it is ergonomically shaped for comfortable use. An aluminium insert in the handle mount adds functionality and durability for storage. And in addition to all these things, the metal trim will add visual accents to the design of your kitchen, keeping it looking as stylish as the dishes you serve.

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