Resto Sabik Non-Stick Frying Pan With Lid 26cm Black

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Resto Sabik Non-Stick Frying Pan With Lid 26cm Black 93153 OR5350 Internal non-stick marble coating Ergonomic soft touch handle with a hanging loop The bottom of the pan is reinforced...
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Resto Sabik Non-Stick Frying Pan With Lid 26cm Black 93153 OR5350

Internal non-stick marble coating Ergonomic soft touch handle with a hanging loop The bottom of the pan is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk Induction (suitable for all types of cookers)

  • Product Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 50x455x260 mm
  • Bottom thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Body thickness: 3 mm
  • Edge thickness: 3,7 mm
  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Board height: 5.0 cm
  • Material: Forged aluminium
  • Lid material: Tempered glass
  • Outer surface material: Heat resistant 4 layers
  • Interior coating: PFLUON 4 layers
  • Handle material: Soft-touch
  • Inside coating colour: Marble with silver dots
  • Outside coating colour: Black
  • Flam guard colour: Matt black
  • Handle colour: Black with metall insert
  • Certificate: LFGB (Tuv lab)
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Equipment: Lid included
  • Induction
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Vitroceramic
  • Halogen
  • 100% Pfoa Free
  • Flame Proof
  • Dishwasher

Modern design

With the Sabik range, we wanted to create something that was fundamentally forward-thinking and modern. These days so many of us like to test ourselves on more and more complex dishes. We like to try and replicate the plethora of meals cooked up on our TV screens by celebrity chefs and to try and repeat them in our very own kitchens. In order to do this, you need a kind of kitchenware that is modern and which has all of the elements necessary to perform the variety of tasks needed to create these meals. That is why this Sabik range has been designed in such a way that it looks forward first rather than backward.

Reinforced marble non-stick coating

We wanted to create with this collection something that was going to be free from scratches even after long-term use, and also something you can rely on for healthy quick meals. As a result, this pan has been made using 4-layer Pfluon non-stick coating with a honeycomb texture on the bottom which is highly abrasion-resistant and which requires little or no oil, perfect for healthy cooking and easy cleaning. It seals in flavour when browning or searing foods. In addition to this, the durable non-stick marble coating is PFOA-free.

External heat resistant coating

No one wants to be spending hours by the sink scrubbing away with a wire brush trying to remove those troublesome carbon deposits inevitably left after cooking. That is why this Sabik range comes with a specially designed outer coating that protects the surface from carbon deposits, facilitates maintenance and maintains its original appearance for a long time. So give your pan a quick wash post-cook and know that you needn't expend all your elbow grease cleaning excess grease off the surface - simply wash, dry and pop it away at a moment's notice.

Heat-resistant glass lid

When cooking you want to be able to keep your workspace as clean as possible. A tidy kitchen makes for a tidy meal. But when it comes to a frying pan, the right kind of lid can do just this, by preventing food from escaping, but also the right kind of lid can help make your meal even tastier. That is why this pan includes a tempered glass lid with a specially designed handle and steam outlet to seal in moisture and prevent splatters. When covered the frypan excels at searing, frying, browning and sautéing.

Ergonomic soft-touch handle

The handle comes with a soft-touch finish and so is ergonomically shaped for comfortable use, meaning that you are able to use the pan for hours on end without being concerned about ever feeling discomfort. The aluminium inserts in the handle add visual accents to the design of your kitchen creating a cool accessory with a practical use. A convenient hinge for hanging allows you to organize the workspace in your kitchen in the best way - simply finish up washing and/or drying and pop it away ready to be used again at a moment's notice.

Antideformation disk

Many of the pans on the market are poorly made and cheaply constructed. Inevitably these kinds of pans will be sure to eventually let you down and will ultimately end up changing shape, becoming scratched and marked, and finally, become unusable. However, unlike standard pans, the bottom of all Resto frypans is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk which makes their lifetime longer and guarantees resistance to deformation under heating. This means that you can depend on your Sabik pan time in time out for long into the future.

Induction bottom

Cooking with an induction cookstove is very beneficial as not only does it heat fast leading to a more efficient cook, it is also energy efficient requiring you to use less gas and saving on your bills, and, it is also far safer as well. These stoves require special pans with a magnetic bottom which this Sabik range provides. The induction magnetic base of this fry pan guarantees excellent heat transfer and is compatible with all cooktops meaning that you can be sure to use this pan in your current place and if you decide to move somewhere with different appliances in the future.

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