Resto Vela Non-Stick Frying Pan Brown

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Resto Vela Non-Stick Frying Pan Brown  24cm  0R5370 93430 26cm  0R5372 93431 28cm  0R5374 93432 Features: Internal non-stick marble coating (silver and pink dots) Ergonomic wooden soft touch handle with...
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Resto Vela Non-Stick Frying Pan Brown 

  • 24cm  0R5370 93430
  • 26cm  0R5372 93431
  • 28cm  0R5374 93432


  • Internal non-stick marble coating (silver and pink dots)
  • Ergonomic wooden soft touch handle with a hanging loop
  • Unique exterior design
  • The bottom of the pan is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk
  • Induction (suitable for all types of cookers)


  • Bottom thickness: 3.7 mm
  • Body thickness: 4.2 mm
  • Edge thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Material: Forged aluminium
  • Outer surface material: Heat resistant 4 layers
  • Interior coating: PFLUON 4 layers
  • Handle material: Soft-touch
  • Inside coating colour: Marble with silver dots
  • Outside coating colour: Coffee with shiny powder
  • Flameguard colour: Coffee
  • Handle colour: Wooden
  • Packaging: Paper color sleeve
  • Certificate: LFGB (Tuv lab)
  • Induction
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Vitroceramic
  • Halogen
  • 100% Pfoa Free
  • Flame Proof
  • Dishwasher

Modern design

We wanted to create a range that reflected modern cooking and modern tastes. These days many of us fancy ourselves to be as adept at cooking as the people we watch on our TV screens in the multitude of cooking programs that are presented to us. Or at least we want to try to emulate these sorts of tasty dishes. We wanted with this Vela range to create a collection that reflected that modern attitude and adventurous style of cooking and so that is why all our pans have this extra modern and forward-thinking design.

External heat-resistant coating

With this Vela collection, we have made sure to include a specially designed outer coating to protect the surface from carbon deposits, facilitate maintenance and maintain its original appearance for a long time. It differs from press aluminium pans with thicker walls and a multilayer bottom. These factors combine to create a pan that will be highly easy to use and will most definitely optimize your cooking experience, especially if you are used to older designs. With this pan, you are not left scrubbing away at dark marks but can quickly clean, and dry it by hanging up by its handle.

4-layers marble coating with silver and pink dots

These pans not only come with a beautifully stylish bronze finish but also a specially designed 4-layer Pfluon non-stick coating. This includes a base for ultra-high resistance and durability, a layer that is anti-abrasive, a second layer that leads to non-sticking and further added non-stick surface. Non-stick interior coating is more than just a trend. It is an essential 4-layer non-stick material that leads to far more heightened performance. It means you can cook with a minimum amount of oil due to a four-layer durable and highly abrasion-resistant non-stick surface. And, as an added bonus, the water-based non-stick interior coating doesn’t contain Cadmium, Lead, and Perftroctanoic Acid (PFOA).

Induction bottom

Cooking with an induction cookstove is undeniably very beneficial. It heats fast, it is energy efficient and highly safe as well. These kinds of stoves require special pans with a magnetic bottom and so that is why the bottom of the pan is smooth and flat so electric currents can flow through the base of it. Induction compatible pans like these also work on gas, electric, radiant, and smooth cooktops. So no matter what your set-up is in your kitchen, this Vela pan will work for you. And should you have to move house, you can take your Vela along with you.

Ergonomic soft-touch wooden handle

The Vela non-stick pan has a practical yet sleek wood effect ergonomic handle. This will help make all of your cooking experiences more of a joy than a chore. Similarly, the outside of the pan is finished in a stunning bronze gloss whilst the inside is perfectly complimented with silver and pink speckled marble non-stick coating to prevent food from getting attached to the pan. Finally, a convenient hinge for hanging allows you to organize the workspace in your kitchen in the best possible way, keeping your all-important space as neat and tidy as possible.

Antideformation disk

When choosing a pan it is important to select one that is robust and dependable and one which you can rely on to do the task you set it i.e. make great dishes, and perform that task day in day out. You wouldn't choose a car that let you down or made for poor quality journeys so why would you with your cookware. That is why unlike many standard pans, the bottom of all RESTO frypans is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk which makes their lifetime longer and guarantees resistance to deformation under heating. So you can depend on your Vela pan long into the future no matter how many times you use it.

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