They are a few tricks you can use to make your room look bigger even when you think you don't have enough space.


In most cases than not, we tend to feel trapped in our own space. You want to redecorate your apartment or your vintage home but you feel like you do not have enough room to work with, MHC to the rescue!!

They are a few tricks you can use to make your room look bigger even when you think you don't have enough space.

1. Use hidden storage

In a never-ending battle with space, even the slimmest corners of your bedroom can be turned into storage to save up some space. You do not need to buy new furniture but you may DIY.

 However, if you are not up for doing it yourself. We have tons of items you can use for storage. Make use of baskets, coffee tables with storage and more. With built-in drawers, it can work double duties not only for decor or cozy spots but also for storage.

2. Hang floor to ceiling curtains

Hanging your curtains from ceiling to the floor it will enhance the length of your walls. Think of your favorite stilettos and how it enhances your posture and the length of your legs, exactly how your room would look like from hanging your curtains from floor to ceiling. Choose bright colored curtains. Luckily, at MHC we have a range of fabrics and colors that will help you achieve your goal.

3. Decor

Limit your decorative items to at least 3 to 5 items. More items in one room will make your room look smaller and a bit clustered. It also has to blend in with your furniture, curtains, light, and paint. That way, you can create a vivid look

4. Lighting

Make use of long pendants lights to highlight the height of a room. One of the most used tricks is to utilize vertical space. If you do not have square footage but have a reasonably high ceiling, you can focus the attention with the tall, thin furniture and high shelves. Long pendant will help draw the up and down attention. It will also highlight your room.

4. Go "BIG "with the rug

Get a rug that goes under your chair or table. A rug that goes from far end of the room to the other. This will help draw your eyes wider and makes your room appear to be big. Make sure you choose bright white or bright colors to give your room a fresh look. Small rugs that cut off just the size of your coffee table will make your room look smaller and no space to add any decor furniture.

cluster is a big no-no more especially if you have a small room and no space. Get rid of everything you do not use and free some space. The most contributing factor is clustering and unplanned decoration. Before you buy new decor or furniture decide whether you need it and will it look good in your room. Do consider if it won't take up most of your space. In a small space, even the smallest amount of clutter will affect the overall look of the room.

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