Décor ideas that are trending today and will be trending in the year 2020

Décor ideas that are trending today and will be trending in the year 2020

Décor ideas that are trending today and will be trending in the year 2020

This year, 2019 is not over yet but we already have décor ideas that are trending and will be trending. It is never too late to look at which decor trends that took 2019 by storm and why not take them to 2020? If you didn't get it right this year, there's always a great opportunity to redesign next year. Here's five decor ideas that are currently trending.

1.Geometric Shape

Create bright, modern interiors, balance and harmonizes your room using any geometric shapes which will add an interesting touch to home decorations and will bring symbolic meaning and energies to people.

2. Wallpaper

Wallpapers will help elevate your room with tons of colors, character, and style. blue and green touch will create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Don't be too scared to go to the other end of the spectrum for your dark colors. Dark colors will help add that bold look and feel. The dramatic effect will mirror your personality.

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3. Rugs as wall art


Hanging your rugs on the wall is the new normal. Some rugs are too beautiful to be walked on. Make a "wow " statement by hanging rugs on your wall instead of a picture frame or artwork.

The bolder the rug the better. Most interior designers are using rugs to create a full and interesting space.

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4. A splash of yellow

Colour trends come and go, but yellow survived the year 2019  and still going. Adding the color yellow to your interior brings a more bright and lively spirit in the room. Try some yellow on almost everything from your bedroom to your kitchen counter and let the sunshine in.

 5. Artisanal Lighting Fixtures

This type of lighting will withstand the test of trends and time. It is a carefully handcrafted piece of art. This will give your room a classical and unique look. Gone are the days when we used to hang long and big chandeliers. It is also that care and handyman craft that sets it apart. You will never go wrong with some handcrafted lighting.

This trend opens up your new year resolution list, welcome the year 2020 in a bang and ready to have some décor fun.

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