Autumn/Winter 2018, colours Pantone wants you to decorate with

When autumn is coming in, there is need to redecorate. And it isn’t to completely redecorate; it is just to spruce the space up a little to make it cosier. People want their homes to feel truly unique and special; sometimes little pops of colours will give good lift to the mood.

There are some exciting colour trends to consider this season. Pantone unveiled its Fashion Colour Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2018 edition which inspires fashion, home décor and design before the London fashion week back in February. The report featured the top seasonal colours; these colours were seen featured prominently on the runway. The Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important colour trends. It is essentially a key indicator of the colour stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design.

The colour trend report is a bold palette of autumnal hues that incorporates 12 top colours and a collection of five 'classic' colours. This bold palette of deep and rich autumnal hues is complemented by some more surprising shades that express originality, ingenuity and creativity.

The colours that will shape home décor palettes this year are-

Top 12 colours palette

-Limelight Pantone 12-0740 TCX

-Russet Orange Pantone 16-1255 TCX

-Valiant Poppy Pantone 18-1549 TCX

-Crocus Petal Pantone 15-3520 TCX

-Nebulas Blue Pantone 18-4048 TCX

-Mellow Rose Pantone 15-1515 TCX

-Red Pear Pantone 19-1536 TCX

-Ceylon Yellow Pantone 15-0850 TCX

-Ultra Violet Pantone 18-3838 TCX - This colour doubles as the Pantone colour of the year.

-Quetzal Green Pantone 18-5025 TCX

-Martini Olive Pantone 18-0625 TCX

-Pink Peacock Pantone 18-2045 TCX

Classic colours palette

-Tofu Pantone 11-4801

-Almond Buff Pantone 14-1116 TCX

-Meerkat Pantone 16-1438 TCX

-Quiet Grey Pantone 14-4107 TCX

-Sargasso Sea Pantone 19-4031 TCX

It is time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the coming seasons and the upcoming décor trends to look out for.

We look at how to make the most of these different colours, materials, textures and tones that accentuate each other, bringing out their respective characters. Simple, subtle but striking when executed with aplomb, tone-on-tone palettes in the home bring a timeless quality that we are set to invest in for the new season. This is created by using one main hue and complementing it with graded tones from within that scheme to match the colour composition. We have already seen/used this style in our wardrobes and the next step is linens, cushions and artwork. You can easily create an elegant tone-on-tone effect by combining painted walls with furniture, accessories and textiles from within the same story.

If you don’t know how to incorporate these colours into an interior design project, start small with some accessories as pillows or curtains. Start small and, when you feel comfortable, work your way up. Prints and patterns in contrasting shades can also be used to add interest. When done right, it can create a stylish room full of character.

Let yourself be inspired and just let your creativity flow.


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