Cool knits for winter

Knitwear has plenty of fashion mileage for autumn/winter season. As the colder weather really begins to settle in, now is the time to start thinking about what you want to be rocking come colder climes. Knitted accessories are the way forward when it comes to keeping warm and staying on trend. It is time to stay warm and be at the forefront of fashion. In the knits zone, the trend has completely shifted to chunky knit sweaters.

We get to snuggle up in knitwear, feel the luxurious textures of essential chunky knits and enjoy the oversized designs. Each material has its own distinct look and style, thus you would easily find one that suits your style. These knit sweaters are knit in a rather loose, thick pattern. This makes them very warm and cozy. These sweaters are offered in a variety of colours; ranging from bright, neon colours to dull, pastel tones. This means that you have a wide range of colours and designs to choose from. Short-sleeved cardigans are perfect for the changing seasons. Pullovers and shawls are just right in fall, cardigans and hoodies can stand in for winter coats.

If you however fail to find one that you like, you can knit one of your own at home. Just choose the material of your choice and the colours, the pattern you want and knit the sweater in chunky, thick stitches. And you will have your own chunky knit sweater made with wool from MHC. We will be pairing our chunky knits with everything, from slouchy trousers to midi skirts. From the boots to trot to the knits that definitely aren't to be knocked, we have got you covered.

Cool knits for the home

Given that winter is a time for cocooning, it is a fabulous time to rethink your bed styling. From quality neutral bed linen to colour pops and textured layers, knitted blankets can perform just as well as the other beddings.

Knitted blankets come in many different colours and patterns to choose from, so what you go for will depend on your personal taste and home decor theme. They come in all sorts of colourful and practical designs that can suit any home decor theme. They are just the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room. Just imagine yourself sinking into your sofa underneath a large oversized knits! How perfect for the winter months?

Give the gift of snuggle this season, together with the option of it adding a great aesthetic appeal to your bed/sofa.

Mind you, knitting is not just for making wears for the very cold and snowy climates. There are a lot of arts and craft projects, lots of DIY gifts you can create with wool and at your leisure. And knitting is not for oumas and gogos, anybody can knit and you are sure to enjoy doing it!


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