Grab yourself an umbrella, it is about to rain DEALS!!


It is that time of the year again, the most exciting time in shopping history. Grab yourself some running shoes, shopping bag, and most importantly, your wallet. We are about to go deals hunting!

I have put together some surviving guide tips for this Black Friday. It may sound off the wall, but people have been hurt during Black Friday. Just like any hunter, you need to have surviving guides handy.

1. Do your research

Make sure you list the items you want from the store's Black Friday special. It is also advisable to map out your way before the day. Go to your favorite store and familiarise yourself with the shop's sections. That way, you know where to go on the day and that will save you some time.

Stalk your favourite store on social media, billboards, newspapers and see which store has the best deals online or in-store. Check out their opening time and be the first on the line.

2. Shop online

Are you more of a cuddler and warm coffee in pajamas? Are you trying to avoid Black Friday frenzy? if your answer is YES, visit our website for more deals online .

3. Plan your budget

Before you make a list of the items you want, set up your budget on how much you want to spend and stick to it. Black Friday is a great opportunity to save up some money and buy all your holiday goods and /or Christmas gifts and save, save, save!! 

 4. Do not wait for Black Friday to start

Start looking for deals right away, subscribe to the store's newsletter so you may be ahead with Black Friday deals. Most stores start spreading their sales news a few weeks before Black Friday and may run the advert for a week or more till Black Friday starts. It is a must to follow your favourite store on social media.

5. Pick a partner in crime

You may need an extra hand, whether to push your trolley or pick items you can't reach. Just remember to pick someone who enjoys shopping as much as you do. He/she must have a lot of energy because it may get overwhelming at times. Make sure you go through your plan with your partner before you leave.

You may now conquer the Black Friday frenzy, be safe and have some fun. For more unbeatable deals visit our MHC store or our online store.

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