Loyalty:  a two-way conversation

What is Loyalty? What is a loyalty program?  At MHC world, we think we know and it is more than just a assigning you a number and making some savings.

A Loyalty program with any store or organisation has to be  a two-way conversation for any value to be realised. A Loyalty program cannot just give a pile of random offers on stock that is not moving or where the last of the stock needs to go to make way for new stock on the shelves. No, a loyalty program must provide something that is applicable to any customer knowing that every customer is unique and different.

MHC Rewards is just that, a loyalty program that offers something that any customer can and will use.  MHC Rewards is simple loyalty program that delivers cash back on purchases made in store or online. Other rewards with the MHC Rewards loyalty program include vouchers, members-only discounts, special offers and prizes as well as the ability to redeem points for vouchers. As a member of the MHC loyalty program, you will also have access to the daily deals on the website www.mhcworld.co.za

But what makes MHC Rewards a two-way conversation?

It is easy; we need to know more about you and about our customers in general. What you like, what you enjoy doing and what makes you, your family and your friends who and what they.  As we strive to deliver the best prices on the best products sticking to our promise that #MHCBeatsAnyPrice we need your feedback and comments.

Communication is vital for any business and as an MHC rewards member we want to hear from you and the best way to do this is via our social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter serve MHC well and it is the open platform where you can talk to us. Tell us what you like most, what you don’t like or what you really wish we could do for you.  Product variety, service and even just store appearance,  all play an important part in your loyalty and if we don’t know we can’t help and we can’t deliver.

Part of being a member of MHC Rewards is being part of the conversation, a conversation between us, other members and your friends and family. Loyalty is based on communication not just being the store with the best products at the best prices, it is much deeper than a simple transaction that saves you money on what you want.

Signing up for a loyalty program is easy, simply visit our website, click in MHC Rewards, and follow the steps. Make sure you have followed us on social media Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – yes LinkedIn because MHC is a great place to shop for all your business needs from furniture to stationary as well as coffee and tea and other kitchen supplies.


Once signed up and following us, spread the word and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Let’s get this conversation started and let’s bring you more than just the best products at the best prices.




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