Your name is important to you. Most of us are happy with the name we were born with, some of us know that if we were born of the opposite sex that our name would be different and even that means something and is what makes us who we are. A name is something special and nearly all of us have a nickname or at the very least have our name shortened and either of these is perhaps more special because it is personal. In some cases, the shortened or different name is just easier; it flows off the tongue or is easier to remember.

Since the 1940’s the name Metro Home City has been a name that is known and loved. Metro Home City has been a name known for business excellence, outstanding service and all the best brands (and some innovative products) at the very best prices. Metro Home City has been serving Pretoria for many years and the most recent #MHCBeatsAnyPrice campaign has seen a new generation grow to love and respect the name.

But things are changing, Metro Home City is changing its name.  No, don’t worry it is not changing anything else, and to be honest it is not really a name change but more like going with the flow. Over the years, Metro Home City has found itself warmly welcomed in the homes and businesses of many people in and around Pretoria and Metro Home City has earned itself an abbreviated name and that name is MHC.

When people, especially loyal customers and locals say they are going to Metro Home City or telling their friends where they got such an amazing price on such an awesome product they often don’t say “Metro Home City”. For a while now people have referred to Metro Home City as MHC, even the staff and the management say “MHC” for convenience and just as a way of talking.

Metro Home City is changing its name to MHC World, if changing is the right word to use. All the experience gained since the 1940’s will remain, the wide product range from haberdashery to hi-tech and everything in between will stay and perhaps just grow and the best prices will still remain unbeatable. All that will change is the logo… but if you have been watching closely you will see that has slowly migrated to MHC.. and the signage. MHC World is still the friendly and reliable store that Metro Home City has worked hard to be and for you as the customer the best deals on the best products remain. The loyalty program, MHC Rewards, stays in place and the website is having a facelift.

Everything that was and is in a name still stays in place, the brand just becomes more recognisable and more user friendly for a modern generation of shoppers who love a good deal on great products.

Welcome to MHC World.



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