Renew your space the re-upholstery way

Decorating a home can become a creative adventure when people want their homes to feel truly unique and special. There is no easier way to create a beautiful living space than to update the look and feel of your furniture. Re-upholstery will give your furniture new form, take outdated details and give you back a piece of furniture that is better than new. Re-upholstery allows you to create a room with handcrafted and beautifully made pieces that are a perfect match for style, colour, and fabric.

However, re-upholstery is not limited to household furniture. You can re-upholster the interior of your vehicle, i.e. seats and door panels as well as replacing the dome lining and carpet. Re-upholstery can be done on all type of vehicle seats; bakkie seats, car seats, panel van seats, bus seats and bike seats.

The best way to enjoy your car is when you are comfortable with what you are sitting on. Upgrade your car’s interior and upholstery in order to give your automobile back its original glare. Car dealers know that spiffing up the interior of a used car is the best way to command a higher price. Whether you are planning to sell your vehicle or just want to freshen up your daily driver, slap the shabby off your vehicle's interior with re-upholstery. You can do motor trimming to both modern vehicles and antique vehicles.

Opt for upholstery in a rich velvet fabric. Velvet is back here on the fashion scene and taking over upholstered furniture. Have you seen how gorgeous this fabric looks on an upholstered chair? Velvet adds such a luxurious look to the sitting area or any corner of the house.  This is the perfect way to add texture whilst also having the option to make a real statement and demonstrate your personal style.

If you want to test the waters before re-upholstering your favourite sofa, the best way forward would be to experiment with artwork, cushions, or decorative objects, such as a vase.

Reupholstery of furniture to make them look like new

Do you need that loved couch to be like new again? Expensive antiques may be reupholstered many times because your furniture has a history that can’t be bought. If a piece has sentimental value for you, it is worth recovering and it can be updated to your taste. Re-upholstery lets you put a personal touch on your furniture. A strategically placed couch or newly upholstered chair can turn any living space into a warm and loving home.

At MHC, there is an endless selection and variety of different fabric and textures to choose from. We stock a variety of colours for clients to choose from. We have colours ranging from red and navy blue right through to beige and black.


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