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The trends of painting a wall in bold colours or decorating it with accessories in a multi-fold of colours to improve the brightness of the room are evergreen. It is one of the most important aspects of a room. Bright colours always attract people and give it a mesmerizing look. People will certainly remember your room, if it has a brighter outlook, as dark colours are undoubtedly appealing. However, the rugs also hold an essential place in bringing life to any room. Adding a hint of colour through floor coverings can really add something special to a living space.

Rugs are an easy way to add texture and depth to your home. An area rug is a great way to bring a pop of personality into your home. Incorporate a rug with a colourful pattern or detail to add interest underfoot. Not only can rugs bring rooms to life, they are also great for defining different living spaces.
Rugs can tie a room together and instantly upgrade the floor coverings at the same time. One of the main purposes of a rug is to help define a space, especially in large, open-plan spaces. A rug can help define the dining area and separate it from the adjacent kitchen and other seating areas.
Choosing the perfect rug for every room is a great way to make sure your entire home gives off a serene and luxurious vibe. The right area rug can instantly transform your space and provide a soft retreat for your feet. Adding a new area rug is a simple way to completely transform the look of your room. Whether you want to change up your style, add some color, or simply refresh the space, an area rug can do all of that and more.
Your rug colour can help define a room and make it feel cozy. A textured rug can add just as much dimension to a room as a bold colour can. On any cold winter weather morning, you must step out from the bed onto a nice carpet/rug/floor covering. There is nothing worse as opposed to stepping for the cold floor each morning.

Cleaning and maintenance of your floor coverings

All rugs will require regular vacuuming and cleaning to keep them looking their best. The specific maintenance instructions for your rug will depend on the rug material that you choose. Most people don't take their rugs to professional cleaners for years, if ever, not nice. As a general rule of thumb, medium-pile to high-pile carpets should be cleaned once a year to remove dust, allergens and accumulated dirt that isn’t easily removed with a vacuum. Low-pile and flat-weave carpets provide fewer hiding spaces for nasties and are more easily spot cleaned. But they require a twice-yearly old-fashioned rug beating to remove accumulated dust. Many can be dry cleaned in lieu of being cleaned by a professional.

Shop your floor coverings by colour, by shape, by pattern, by material, by technique, by feel

Finding THE area rug is a journey that teaches everything there is to know about the processes involved in making the perfect rug. Understanding the standard techniques used to assemble rugs can make a huge difference when it comes to selecting floor coverings for feel, durability, or looks. This can specifically help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for when it comes to both style and comfort.
Common rug choices such as woven, tufted, and braided can all benefit your home. And while colours, patterns, and materials tend to take centre stage when choosing a rug, don't overlook the possibilities that shape can provide.
Vintage rugs are making quite the name for themselves. They come in so many colours, sizes, and patterns. What is so amazing about these rugs are that their natural worn beauty makes them functional and timeless. A trick to keeping them in good shape over the years is to rotate them in your space every few months. This will allow the foot traffic to even out and will help keep the colour last longer. Select textiles and rugs that can take the wear and tear of everyday living.
Whatever look you have in mind for your home or office will surely be complemented by a well-chosen area rug. With our large selection of floor coverings, you are more than likely to find something that you will love.
This includes all shapes and sizes of popular styles, from Oriental rugs to Modern Rugs, braided rugs to shag rugs and everything in between. You can pick up your favourite colour and compliment it with the best accessories.


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