Spend more time outside this season

We have all heard about the benefits of exercise and eating right day after day. Fitting exercise into your day and making the extra effort to eat healthier foods can sometimes be challenging to balance with a busy schedule. Have you ever considered how spending more time outside might actually make you healthier?

One of the ways to spend time outside is in the pool. Overground pools are quite popular these days. They are not really intended for swimming and regarded in the swimming pool industry as "splasher" pools. They are used mostly outdoors in yards, are typically shallow, and often their sides are inflated with air to stay rigid. When you are finished with your water games, the water and air can be let out. The pool can then be packed up carefully and stored in a clean and dry place. This type of pool can be bought in supermarkets.

Toys are available for children and other people to play with in pool water. They are often blown up with air so they are soft but still reasonably rugged and can float in water.

Cleaning of pools is usually with the aid of chemicals.  Chemical disinfectants, such as chlorine (usually as a hypochlorite salt, such as calcium hypochlorite) and bromine, are commonly used to kill pathogens. However if not properly maintained, chemical sanitation can produce high levels of disinfection by-products.

A road biking session is another great way to spend time outside. There are different types of bikes and aids available, e.g. mountain bikes, and cycling magazines. These magazines contain bike reviews and gear, road cycling and mountain biking tips, training articles, expert biking advice, etc. These can help you enhance and improve your cycling experience.

Some benefits of spending time outside
  • help you optimize your vitamin D levels and promotes wellness and healing
  • leads to greater energy exertion and lower levels of stress
  • can boost your creativity and focus while improving your mood and self-esteem

As soon and as often as it is possible, spend quality time outside this warm season. Even if it is just to lie on the lounge chairs and soak up plenty of the sun. And don’t let bad weather stop you enjoying yourself (within reason, of course).




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