When it comes to drinks, drinkware/glassware is necessary

Raise your glass! It is the festive season; merrymaking is going to be in abundance. With this comes the need for drinkware or glassware, to simply make that special event unforgettable. These items are a necessity since not all drinks can be taken straight from the bottles. Drinkware is ubiquitous items everyone uses every day. They are useful, and universal; glasses and cups. Our collection of drinkware items is majorly made up of glass. These glasses come in classic barware designs you know and love.

Some drinkware related products
  • Pour your pilsner or lager into a specially designed pilsner glass.
  • Keep your other beers are happy in a pint glass, beer stein or mug.
  • Your martini glass is also used to serve a sidecar, daiquiri, Manhattan or a Brooklyn.
  • Your highball glass can be used to serve your gin and tonic, plus any other paired drinks like scotch and soda or bourbon and ginger.
  • Don’t forget your flutes and wine glasses for your favourite wine.
Add some excitement to your next function

Choose the style of glass that best fits your event. These can make your gala or special occasion that much more special. Use that to your advantage by setting the mood for your event, whether it’s a formal affair or a casual night out with friends. They also make for memorable gifts that simply elevate the art of giving.

Make a splash at your next adult’s night out

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