Nothing epitomises South African tradition as an old fashioned braai. It is the most popular and favourite past time leisure activity that has entrenched itself as an integral and distinct Mzansi tradition. The simple process of cooking meat over an open flame, something passed down to us from earlier homo sapiens, is the best and effective way of bringing family and friends together.

South Africans will find any excuse under the sun to light up a fire and show off their braai’ing skills. If you are hosting your loved ones in order to celebrate that you did not experience load shedding this week or gather in misery because Eskom decided to take you to the dark ages, it is essential you continue reading this blog.

The journey to being an epic braai master is a hard and long one. There is no one ‘size fits all’ approach that can be applied to being the most sort after braai master. However, there are some braai accessories you need to have to braai up a storm.

1. A Fire Starter

Before you start daydreaming about being the famous person at family functions or chill sessions with your friends because of your succulent meat, you will need fire starters.

Fire starters range from the basic lighter, matches, firelighters to the more advanced BIC lighters and gas burners. If you want you can prove you are the alpha nomadic human by starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

You will be surprised at how handy a firelighter can be. So it is essential to have one on you at all times in case the fire burns out.

2. Tongs

You cannot be the ultimate braai master without a great set of tongs. They are the second vital accessory and an extension of your hands when you are braai’ing. When you have an excellent set of tongs, some great friends and quality meat, then you are set to having a fantastic braai experience.

3. Knife

A knife is an essential accessory to have in your possession for cutting open the plastic wrapping that your meat is preserved in and for cutting small bite sizes to taste. Every braai master has their preference when it comes to a knife, so it is advisable to find a knife you are comfortable with.

4. Cleaning Equipment

If you do not have a 16-year-old teenager that you can force to clean up after a braai in exchange for data; unfortunately, that responsibility falls on you. After such an epic display of your braai’ing skills, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. There are some products that make cleaning easier without getting your hands dirty.

For example, the ALVA grill brush is a perfect choice if you want to spend less time scrubbing and more time catching up on the rugby highlights.

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