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Top 4 Men's Shoes Trends to Rock in Spring 2020

Top 4 Men's Shoes Trends to Rock in Spring 2020

Did you know one pair of shoes can change your life? Choosing a right pair of shoes has always been a challenge for men. It is more difficult for men than of women to choose a high quality shoe that is fit for any occasion. When shoe shopping, you have more than just a perfect man shoe in mind, but considering your health and your style.

As a man your shoes are an indicator of your personality. It tells a story of where you have been and where you are going.

It is said that a man's shoe should match with his belt, button on his jacket or his cufflinks. Guess what, all this style rules are written in a pencil not ink. You need to play around and discover your own style that will show your personality.

After being on lockdown for such a long time, we know you are ready to go on the road. Choosing a perfect shoe can be a bit of a nightmare. However, fear not we have put together the best on men's shoes trending this spring.

      1. Flip flop

Men's Fila flip-flop R 369.00

Men's flip flop is the ideal spring and summer shoes, Easy on your feet, easy on fashion. We love it's take on slide, a combination of lightweight and comfort. These shoes are great for casual wear, water usage and fashion perfect for spring season. You can just throw them in a suitcase for a perfect getaway by the beach. To get a great look, pair them with a nice short and tank top, you are good to go.

   2. Hush Puppies

Men's Hush Puppies Ankle Boots R 1,499.00

Hush Puppies for men are as classical as they come. The shoes have been described as "the classic American brushed-suede shoes with the lightweight crepe sole". These semi formal pair of footwear will succeed in updating your stylish look. Its look is enhanced by string details on the ankle. This can be worn at work or game night with the boys.

  3. Slip-on

Crocs Stretch Sole Loafers - Navy/Pearl White  R 799.95


If you are looking for perfect everyday men's shoes, these babies will make sure you are comfortable throughout the day.

 A must-have for men on the go, our affordable men's slip-on shoes are equally as practical as they are stylish. This Men's slip-ons are perfect mix of comfort, ease to take you throughout the day. They are great for formal and casual wear. Pair them with a nice jean or soft pants /Chino with t-shirt.

     4. Desert boots

Caterpillar Colorado Boots R 1,599.00


Today, this iconic footwear style is widely regarded as a design classic and has managed to remain stylish and relevant for more than a quarter of a century.

Desert boot is a true does-it-all piece of footwear, this can be dressed down or up whatever your mood takes you. When it comes to a shoe that nails both smart and casual look, Desert boot will never let you down. For a hot fashion on your feet, pair this with a great formal shirt and your favourite pair of jeans. You will sure be trending this spring season.


Buying a right pair of shoes is an investment to your health, get shoes that will conform to your feet shape, width and length. The right men's footwear can help keep your feet healthy, make your physical activity easier, and help keep your body safe from injuries.

With styles available for smart and casual looks in a whole range of colours it’s time to mix up your look and try new things. Always try and remember to choose your shoes first and work your outfit around them to make dressing casual or smart that little bit easier. Complete your look with any of our men's shoe varieties.

For a solid shoe closet, browse through our website for the best in men's shoes.




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