Start saving quite 20% on your electricity bills.Want to get off the grid? Call us for expert advice and a quotation.

With our current struggle with electricity, South Africans have to find other ways to generate energy. Not so long ago Eskom ex-CEO Tshediso Matona once said load shedding is here to stay. In 2020,Load shedding came back stronger than before with some parts of Gauteng townships getting double electric cut daily. Load shedding will probably be a part of our lives longer than we predict.

Load shedding it's not our only enemy ,but the increased electricity tariff, added VAT and petrol increase are pushing lots of households into debts.

While Eskom remains a significant burden on all South Africans, there's still hope in form of renewable energy.We have approximately 3000 ours of sunshine a year,which makes South Africa a perfect exponent for alternative energy.

Here's a number of the explanations why you must consider solar vs electricity:

  1. Reduce your electricity bill

Instant money savings with solar, While Eskom tariffs rise. Solar power is completely free after initial founded cost. Solar power is increasingly becoming cheaper worldwide. Start saving quite 20% on your electricity bills.Want to get off the grid? Call us for expert advice and a quotation. MHC has a team of qualified engineers to work out a perfect solution for your home/business.

  1. Increase property value

Because of the unstable electricity,most South Africans are looking at moving into a property with solar solution.Studies show that properties with green energy(including solar solution) will in future,sell much easier for higher value.Properties value will no doubt increase with solar energy solutions.Back-up inverters will have the same impact, but to a lesser degree. 

  1. Good for environment

Solar is environmental friendly and doesn’t produce any carbon discharge, it's clean and renewable, which allows you to scale back your carbon footprint and we can all do our duty with regards to global warming.

  1. Solar is quiet

Unlike generator, solar energy inverter generates no noise.

  1. Low maintenance

Solar energy is much cheaper to maintain and use. Once the installations are done , you're good to go absolutely energy free through the year.

It doesn't only make financial sense ,it also make an environmental sense to install solar energy solution. You could be asking yourself how does this work, here's few things you need to know about how solar energy system works:

The rays of the sun are converted into a DC voltage by means of Solar Panels. The voltage from the Solar Panels are used to charge the storage batteries. The battery voltage is converted into usable AC voltage by means of an Inverter. The voltage from the inverter is used to power your lighting and appliances.

 MHC has partnered with leading solar energy supplier to help you save few rands while saving the globe from global warming. Our sole objective is to offer Southern Africa, the best quality green energy products at a reasonable price. MHC believes in offering their clients not only the most effective quality products but also world-class service.

Solar power can be used off-grid ( no other source of power used) or on-grid( source of power used). Have a glance at a number of the product and combos that we've for you.

 Off-Grid system

MHC has taken all the complications out of buying a completely functional solar energy or back-up system for your home or office. Our back-up systems can eventually be converted into a alternative energy system. we have used our extensive knowledge, expertise and skill within the alternative energy industry and created solar energy kits made from the essential components required to urge alternative energy working in your home.

Portable Solar Trolley Box

  • A inverter to power your appliances
  • Take it anywhere anytime
  • No installation needed 100% solar powered
  • 4 hour of backup inbuilt
  • Unique and innovative design
  • 2200w pure sine wave inverter
  • Can run house electricity during night
  • 2x 100AH 12v gel/AGM batteries

Whether you go completely off-grid or just supplement your household energy; alternative energy is great to save a few rands.

MHC features a network of qualified installers able to get the work done, whether you put in alittle solar energy system for your home or an outsized commercial water heating for your business, Our team will install quickly, neatly, professionally and without a hassle. To further ensure our products are suitable for local conditions, all our products are tested by the SABS and are all SABS compliant. So once you buy a Solar solution from MHC product, you can be rest assured that no compromise was made when it involves the standard.

If there's a problem, our team will be happy to check ,and fix it for you. Just give us a call and we are going to be quite happy to help you. Our teams offer to come out on a regular basis to maintain the products you buy so you'll be using our products for an extended, amount of time.

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