Types of hardware to consider for window treatments

So you have found the perfect window treatments and finally finished installing them?  Bravo. Now the next step is to accessorize your curtains. How about taking those curtains to the next level with some drapery hardware? Drapery hardware can make or break the look of a room. Window hardware helps convert any bland, boring window in your home into a decorative treatment when used with curtains and panels. Decorative curtain rods can add a pleasant touch to your windows.

With our selection of curtain rods, tracks, hardware and much more, detailing your windows is going to be a breeze!

Here are the usual options for drapery hardware:

Tiebacks or holdbacks: Tiebacks are usually made of loops of fabric, braided ropes or tassels. They can tie drapes at the centre or back to the sides. Tie-backs are an uber-traditional approach to dressing windows. You can find tiebacks in a variety of colours and styles. Some tie-backs are silky cords while others are thick strips of colorful fabric. Style tip: A black grosgrain ribbon makes a casual tieback. It is a straightforward and fairly inexpensive process to have a length of fabric transformed into a simple curtain.

Holdbacks are made of metal and are mounted to the walls beside the windows to hold back the fabric.

Rods: These are the most common tool for hanging window treatments. Rods are available in many different widths to fit varying window sizes. Use rod spaces to create depth by extending the rods away from the wall. Also, remember that the rod will be visible through sheer and ring-top drapes, so be sure its style matches your choice.

Finials: Finials are the decorative pieces that you find at the end of a rod. These come in many styles including scrolls, leaves, fleur-de-lis, and balls. They also come in different finishes, like copper and brushed silver, allowing you to completely customize the look of your window treatment.

Rings: These are generally decorative in nature. Rings attach to the rod and allow your window treatments to easily open and close.

Drapery rings: Just as the wrong accessories can make or break an outfit, drapery rings can totally change the dressing of your windows.

Coordinating your hardware

These hardware pieces not only come in fun designs, they also do offer multiple finishes and shapes to choose from. This makes it easy to coordinate them with your curtains and other existing hardware. Colourful and unique curtain holdbacks, finials and other curtain accessories are all great ways to add some shine and glamour to your drapes. If tassels or fringe sound appealing, you can find many a tieback flaunting these elegant additions. Curtain holdbacks are just as varied with designs. There are those resembling gold leaves and twigs, brightly colour flowers and featuring vibrant sea glass.

To check out our fashion-forward line of basic and decorative drapery hardware, you are always welcome to call on us anytime. We would love the opportunity to help you select the perfect drapery hardware for your window. You can choose from a wide selection of rods, holdbacks, tie backs and more that are designed for ease of use and installation.


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