What is in a name?

Since the early 1940’s Metro Home City has been a prominent name in Pretoria. Known for its wide variety of excellent, unique and even unusual products in among some the best names and products the company has survived many decades.  The best products at the best prices with #MHCBeatsAnyPrice becoming the hash tag in the online and digital age has been the promise at very heart of the sustained success of the store.

Metro Home City is a progressive company and while its products and sharp pricing have made it a success the name has become just as legendary. When people in Pretoria are looking for a good product and want the best price in their area invariably, Metro Home City comes up and is explored. The name is on the tip of their tongue and prominent in their mind but Metro Home City is not Metro Home City.

Metro Home City is not Metro Home City?  What are you talking about?

I am talking about the brand. Nothing has changed apart from language and Metro Home City is not what is top of mind when one really thinks about it. Everything today is faster and that includes names. Think about it:

HP  -  was/is Hewlett Packard

MTV – was/is Music Television

M&M’s – was is Mars & Murrie's (Bet you didn’t know that!)

All these long names have become shortened and have become the name by which they are known. There are countless more, BMW, CNN, SABC, SAA, BA, and while the shortened name doesn’t change the end product or service, it does become the brand.

Brand is everything today, Metro Home City knows that as they have become a much more lifestyle store and have seen how people shop by brand.  The metro home city brand has become well known but, and back to the point being made about top of mind, it is not the name but the initials that people speak of. The digital age is a faster world and everyone gets less space in which to do more, Metro Home City is no different.

Over the next few weeks Metro Home City will begin to change its name, well it won’t change it will just get shorter and more trendy, and MHC will be used as the name and the brand. MHC has become what Metro Home City is called by the many loyal customers who know the store, MHC rewards is the name of the loyalty program and it makes sense to make a decisive step towards using MHC.

Nothing will change about the store you know and love, prices will remain the best and the products will remain the best and most diverse. All that will change is what you already say and Metro Home City will become MHC. The customers started this move and the company is following suit to keep up with the times and deliver more of what is wanted and keeping the promise of beating any price.

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