Ways to make this year the best holiday season ever — even if money is tight

This year's holidays are going to be a lot different compared to last year's. A majority of people are in mourning. Mourning a loved one, loss of employment, or maybe pay cut, 2020 took a toll on all of us.

Though health and safety should remain on top of our minds during the coronavirus pandemic, the side effects of social distancing are quite harsh. Because everything is upside-down, why not redirect our holiday focus from spending money to spending time? 

Humans are an incredibly social species, and one of the things that set us apart is forming and maintaining relationships with others. Gift-giving around holidays, birthdays, graduations, or weddings is a great opportunity to reinforce those relationships,  Daniel Farrelly, a psychology professor at the University of Worcester, told CNN last year.


 Shop wisely.

While online shopping guarantees you will not get contact with others as you hunt for the proper gift, it is also possible to safely buy at a store that's closer to you. Make purchases at stores that adhere to strict social distancing rules within their space and limit the number of shoppers shopping at the same time. Only visit stores were wearing a mask is mandatory for entrance. You'll be able to also call local stores you like for gift recommendations and to see if pickup is an option.


 Has a Virtual gift exchange.

Virtual Gifting

This will take some coordination but it's worth it: Ask everyone to get their gifts online and have them delivered directly to friends or members of the family by a specific date (allow plenty of time for shipping). Then you get together during a virtual meeting, and everyone opens the gifts at the same time in front of one another.

Sending gifts early, and quarantining them before Christmas or wiping down packaging when it arrives are both good ways to make sure that parcels are Covid-free, but the probabilities of infection are, “really low”.


Limit the size of the guest list.

 If you opt to host a get-together in your home and invite your siblings, their spouses, and their kids plus all of your first cousins, and their crews you will be breaching your state's guideline for the number of individuals allowed at an enclosed event. Consider inviting a smaller group, and ship gifts to people who didn't make it in the flesh.


Christmas Movie /Video game Marathon

Another way to urge within the spirit is to host your own festival within the front room. Flee the blankets, the Christmas cookies, and your favourite Christmas movies ever and host a movie marathon. If you don’t own any Christmas movies, for an excellent picture quality try our Appliance department for a good deal on a Home electric and entertainment.


Cooking and Baking


Who needs to buy Christmas cookies when you can bake them? Fill the house with the scents of the season and teach your kids how to bake or cook holiday treats and meals, too.


Gift registry

Create a wish list containing items you love from our online store. No more stress in finding the perfect gift so you can enjoy the occasions that matter most. It's great for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and all the moments in between. Checkout our gift registry and sign up for a great deal and save.Sign up now.

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