Are you looking at finally buying your own washing machine? Everyone has dirty laundry, and you can’t use laundromat services forever. However, which type is best for you? Between top loaders and front loaders, one will work out better for you according to your lifestyle regardless of whether it’s a Defy, a Whirlpool, a Samsung or an LG. Here’s a handy guide of both types of the washing machine, to see which option would be better for your way of life, before you go ahead and make the sale.

Top Loader Washing Machines

Top loader machines are an older design of washing machine, but they are still used very often in the average household. A top loader will have the door and controls on the top of the unit, which means that you can’t use it as a shelf for washing powder, fabric softener or clothes pegs. Here’s what you need to know about top loaders:

  • Capacity – You can get top loaders with and without an agitator. An agitator is a cylindrical rod in the centre of the drum, which facilitates a deeper wash. Older models with agitators typically hold a smaller load, therefore increasing the number of loads you have to do, and bulkier items more challenging to wash as well. If you’re washing clothes for more than one person, or if you wash many clothes every week, this might not be the best option for you in terms of capacity.
  • Cost – In general, top loaders are less expensive to buy than front loading machines. The reason for this is because their capacity is smaller than a front loader, and they use more water during each cycle.
  • Functionality – Top loaders are very convenient. You don’t have to bend over to load and unload your laundry, and missing socks are much easier to find in the drum. You can also utilise longer soaking times for those stubborn stains, and the agitator is suitable for deep cleaning, efficient spinning and therefore, cutting the time your laundry would need to dry.
  • Space – As mentioned, top loaders can waste a lot of space in your home, because you can’t stack your dryer above it, or use it’s top as an extra counter or storage space for folded laundry, cleaning products or anything else laundry related. Top loaders also take up more floor space that front loaders, so your home would need to accommodate its size if you want to get a top loader.

Front Loading Machines

Front loaders are the more modern and popular style of washing machine you can buy these days. In fact, you’ve probably seen more front loaders in your life than its older counterpart. Here’s what you need to know about using a top loader washing machine for your laundry requirements.

  • Capacity – In comparison to top loading machines, front loaders can hold a greater capacity of laundry when dry and wet. Even though the door and the opening to the drum seem smaller than a top loader, the drum is substantially larger, making even the bulkiest items such as comforters, towels and blankets much easier to wash. Newer front loader washing machines also have unique settings that allow you to wash delicate, heavy, and wool items, which will need a cycle that is different from the standard wash.
  • Cost – Front loading washing machines are easier to find, but they are more expensive than top loaders. However, because they use less electricity and water per load, they are cheaper to run in the long run. In addition, because a front loader takes a more significant load, you’ll be doing fewer loads.
  • Functionality – As functionality goes, top loaders can be the better option than front loaders. Front loading machines don’t allow the function to soak items, or the convenience of being able to add more garments to a wash cycle once it’s begun. The standard cycle is longer as well; however, the spin cycle dries the load better than a top loader, which means that it cuts your drying time by almost half. With newer models, you can now choose specific cycles according to what you need, such as an “economy wash,” which uses fewer resources than a standard wash. With newer models, you can also decide how long your cycles are – some as short as even a fifteen-minute quick-wash.
  • Space – Front loading washing machines require less floor space than a top loader. You can also stack front loaders on top of each other. For example, you could store your dryer above the washing machine, therefore use less space in your home. However, if you stack two units on top of each other, you will need extra workspace and storage space as well. Without stacking them, you could use the top of your front loader for folding clothing, storage space for detergents or clothes pegs.

Depending on the lifestyle that you lead, you might find that one of the two options is better according to how you live, or not. For example, if you’re doing laundry for yourself alone, a top loader would be the best bet for you. Even if you’re wearing different outfits every day with gym clothes included, a front loader might be more economical for you.

For those who are washing for roommates and families, a front loader is best. Kids spill on themselves and make a mess wherever they go, which makes for a lot of laundry. A front loader holds a higher capacity, which means that you can wash more in one load. With the different settings available to you, you can choose a function which works best for you and what you’re laundering. For example, baby clothes need a delicate wash, which most modern models from well-known brands – such as LG, Samsung, Defy and Whirlpool – can provide. A front loader also has longer, faster and more powerful spin cycles, which helps when you need time to dry multiple loads.


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